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Published on April 25, 2014 (Updated on April 25, 2014)

Too Many Items

Too Many Items is the best mod there is to have complete control of your items and blocks in your inventory. It also adds features for management of your gameplay such as switching between day and night and accessibility to a large variety of buttons to simplify your gameplay.

Creator: MrArm, Twitter Account

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All Features

  • Get any item/block you want (even items/blocks added in mods!)
  • Switch between day/night, creative/survival
  • Heal button & kill
  • Set spawn
  • Ride animal (gives you an item which you can tap with on an animal to ride it)
  • Entity manager (advanced mobs adding system)
  • Settings allow you to change the button positions

How to use?

In the bottom corner of the screen there will be a new button named M. Press it to show all the different options the mod got to offer.

In the top-left corner there are three quick buttons; heal, creative/survival, day/night and a dropdown (...) including options like kill, set spawn and ride animal.

The main options are split up in several different categories displayed on the right side of the screen. Tapping on either of those will bring you to a second menu where you can more precisely choose which items you want to get. The majority of the options are self-explanatory within the mod except for one, the CUSTOM option.

How does the custom option work?

The custom option will ask for three different values:

  • Item ID - Visit this site to find IDs. The list is for PC but the same IDs applies for MCPE. Keep in mind that not every item or block found there is available yet in MCPE.
  • Item Damage - Default 0, keep it like that.
  • Item Count - The amount you want to receive. Tap the Full Stack button below to apply 64 instantly.

Once you've entered all the needed values you can tap Add and you will receive whatever items you chose in your inventory.

Download (Dropbox) (Recommended)
[download label="Download (MCPE DL)"][/download]
Download (GitHub Code)

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Does this mod have a Herobrine spawner?
Guest-7618815302 May 25, 2020 at 4:03 am
The downlad link is broken mate
Obviously this was made in 2014 Duuuh
Same for me.
Guest-2197503936 May 24, 2020 at 7:31 am
Hey there's no download button mate
Any thing like this for win 10
Please do!
Where's the download button
How do I download on a kindle fire????
There's no download button.
How, I tried but it did not work
Here's an updated version which we recommend (even if I know this version also works):
I love all your moods that you created
When i enable i dont see the "M" icon
Try this updated version of the mod instead:
Hi, quick noob question: how come when i import mods/scripts (through Manage ModPE Scripts) in Blocklauncher, i never see the mods/scripts take effect ingame? Even when they are enabled. A little help please? Thanks
There could be many reasons.

1. Do you have several different BlockLaunchers installed? E.g. Pro and the Free one? Make sure it's disabled in both of those.

2. Perhaps some other mod you are using causes the other mod which you want to use not to work. Try disabling all mods and then enable only the one which you wanna use.

3. If neither of those things help you try to reinstall and clear BlockLauncher of all data.