Too Many Ores Mod

This mod includes a comprehensive list of new mods, blocks and items (primarly ores) added to Minecraft PE. By mining the new different ores and blocks you’ll be able to create new tools and gear never seen in Minecraft PE before.

Install Guide

  1. Click the download button in the bottom of this page. The download zip includes a texture pack, world generator and data.
  2. Extract Too Many and import Too Many Ores to Blocklauncher
  3. Activate Too Many Ores.js and TMO world generator.js

Crafting ID’s


  • 181 – Nehter Quartz Ore
  • 182 – Emerald Ore
  • 183 – Ignis Ore
  • 184 – Titanium Ore
  • 185 – Carbon Ore
  • 186 – Frozen Ore
  • 187 – Ice Block
  • 188 – Molten Block
  • 189 – Titanium Block
  • 190 – Emerald Block
  • 191 – Redstone Block
  • 192 – X-RAY Glass


  • 322 – Fire Rod
  • 357 – Emerald
  • 358 – Fire Crystal
  • 384 – Fire Helmet
  • 385 – Fire Chestplate
  • 386 – Fire Leggings
  • 387 – Fire Boots
  • 407 – Frozen Helmet
  • 408 – Frozen Chestplate
  • 409 – Frozen Leggings
  • 410 – Frozen Boots
  • 411 – Titanium Helmet
  • 412 – Titanium Chestplate
  • 413 – Titanium Leggings
  • 414 – Titanium Boots
  • 415 – Ice Ball
  • 416 – Titanium Nugget
  • 417 – Titanium Bar
  • 418 – Fire Pickaxe
  • 419 – Frozen Pickaxe
  • 420 – Titanium Pickaxe
  • 421 – Fire Axe
  • 422 – Frozen Axe
  • 423 – Titanium Axe
  • 424 – Fire Shovel
  • 425 – Frozen Shovel
  • 426 – Titanium Shovel
  • 427 – Fire Sword
  • 428 – Frozen Sword
  • 429 – Titanium Sword
  • 430 – Titanium Hammer
  • 431 – Miners Dream
  • 432 – X-RAY Module

Creator: MisterPEModder44

Emerald & Quartz

Carbon Ore, Ignis Ore, Frozen Ore & Titanium Ore

Armor Sets: Fire, Frozen, Titanium

Tools: Fire, Frozen, Titanium

hotto1 hotto2 hotto3

Fire tools are crafted with a Fire Rod and Fire Crystal. Put mobs on fire with the Fire Sword. The rest of the fire tools are useless.

Frozen tools are crafted with Bones and Ice Balls. The Frozen Sword can freeze enemies. The other tools of the frozen tools are useless as well at the moment.

Titanium tools are crafted with used diamond tools, Iron Bars and Titanium Bars. The Titanium Sword can instantly kill anyone with only a little sound. With the Titanium Pickaxe you can instantly destroy any block. With the Titanium Hammer you can send any mob to space if you hit them with it. The Titanium Axe & Shovel doesn’t work at the moment.

Cheated items

This is X-RAY glass. To craft it you need to be in a stoneclutter and use 32 glass blocks, 1 ice ball and 1 XRAY-module. With it you can see through any block.



X-RAY module which can be crafted with 2 Glowstone Blocks.



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80 Responses

3.25 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. SkyAvenger says:

    how does this mod work when you dont get behavior pack

  2. Juan says:

    Amigos por favor ayúdenme quiero el mod pero en complemento .mcaddon

  3. Anonymous says:

    Bossitic The mods on this website are usually made for Android So I’m not really sure about that

  4. Anonymous says:

    This is a mod, you need a blocklauncher to use these mods. They won’t appear in resources or behaviors. Great mod though!

  5. Rip says:

    Please make a version for iOS! this pack would so great otherwise..

  6. Jameel Reddy says:

    Hi how do I lnstall this mod on iOS

  7. katrina says:

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make this a addon also for minecraft windows 10 i beg you 🙁
    i always wanted new ores

  8. ahmed says:

    Can we use the charger?instead of the data connection cord?

  9. King of Gods says:

    Not zip file again?

  10. Irfan Riaz says:

    When I try to import it it says cant find resources

  11. Jayden Layne says:

    Why does all the good mod have to work on android

  12. Jayden Layne says:

    Why does the good mods only work for android

  13. Rai says:

    Hey creator can you make this mod available to download on mediafire

    • jayno says:

      thts a good one coz i know for a fact that half of the time pops up and beleve me ADFLY is FULL of virusses i am Lucky that i knew it before going on there and clicking (skipp add) XDD


  14. Josie Duck says:

    How do I install mods?

  15. Anonymous says:

    Can you install this mod on iOS

  16. zachhh says:

    plz make it for windows 10 edition, this would be really fun to play, but its not for windows 10

  17. Redstoneminecart says:

    This is the best mob I have

  18. Riley says:

    PLEASE make this easier in the device! (I am using an iPad).!

  19. TheDeathlyHallow says:

    Every single time that I try to search for a cool new Addon I can try, It’s always for Android! What did IOS every do to you? I hate this site, thanks for leaving me with normal Vanilla minecraft. I Hate your services. And I’m angry. Thanks for everything. I will have my revenge. >:3

  20. Quantum Erik says:

    I have a problem with this one too, cause I think that it isn’t fitted for the new blocklauncer version/mcpe version, cause to set a any packs on blocklauncer the file MUST be .js other files like zip or files won’t be let in into Blocklauncer, so please, HHAAAAALLLPPPPP!!!???

  21. Timothy says:

    Will it work with iOS iPad

  22. yolo says:

    It also said that it may not be compatible for 0.14.0

  23. MeasHii says:

    This NEEDS to be updated PLEASE!! I loved it!!

  24. Aldinoyudha says:

    Does this works on 0.13.0

  25. Danny says:

    Please help me when I enable your mod it says failed to patch please help me I really want to try this best mod.

  26. Cool says:

    How do I get the mod

  27. Marshall says:

    Does it work without block launcher I have a iPad 3 and it doesn’t have block launche in App Store

  28. I can’t seem to use the texture pack on my kindle fire HDX but the mod is working. how do get the texture pack to work?


    Help my Block Launcher do not open zip files only js.

  30. justin says:

    Um how to install I know how but I can’t do everything in how to tho

  31. Onna says:

    I can’t find the texture, where can I get them?

  32. BlackHoleSun says:

    Why can’t I put on the armor? Mod works but what is the point if I can’t use the gear? Please help.

    • Editor says:

      I’m not too sure, but maybe try tap on the ground with the item? Sometimes that’s how it’s done.

      • Alban says:

        I installed the mod but it’s not working. The water is invisible at a distance, the icons on items are messed up- a block is a rail and swords are boats. When I mine stuff the texture changes. And some icons don’t show up at all. What do I do?

  33. Grzejnik_Polska says:

    my block launcher does not know how to load the textures and I get an error with the script.

  34. SnowFox says:

    When I try to download it onto my kindle fire hd 7 I says that “this file cannot be opened” even after I downloaded it I can download any thing on drop box it says the same thing PLZ HELP

  35. Sky says:

    This is so awesome! I used it in my modded survival!

    AMAZING MOD DUDE!!!!! :):):)

  36. Marc says:

    When I download to my phone it says “This archive is corrupted” and I can’t download it. Can you please fix it I wanna try this one out.

  37. Nafi says:

    What is blocklauncher? How do i install it?

  38. marc says:

    Just joking it cool

  39. TheSquirrelG says:

    Generator doesnt work on my kindle fire hd what do I do?

  40. hunter says:

    *lots of error messages*

    That’s what BlockLauncher says.

    • Editor says:

      I looked through the error messages and to me it seems as some textures are missing and that’s the probable cause for the error messages you are getting.

      Possible solution:
      1. Install the textures FIRST (found in Too Many Ores
      2. Once the textures are installed install the mod.

      Let me know if you need more help.

  41. Droolydogs says:

    It says safafi cannot download it. Any suggestions?

  42. ajw712 says:

    Block launcher won’t let me enable the world generator

  43. Emiel says:

    This game is funny

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