Too Much Spice Mod

The Too Much Spice Mod lets you collect, grow and harvest spicy peppers. The spicy peppers can be used to create cool new tools and an armor. After you’ve geared up you can take on The Pepper Chef Boss and if you defeat him you will win the Golden Pepper Trophy.

Creator: Kingbudderjr, Twitter Account

Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Spicy Pepper (450) – traded for emeralds with villagers
  • Spicy Pepper Seeds (451)
  • Spice Shard (452) – 7 spicy peppers
  • Spicy Sword (453) – 2 spicy shards + 1 stick
  • Spicy Staff (454) – 3 spicy bombs + 2 sticks
  • Spicy Bomb (455) – 8 spice shards + 1 TNT
  • Pepper N’ Steel (456) – 1 spicy pepper + 1 iron ingot
  • Spicy Pepper Block (192) – 9 spicy peppers
  • Spicy Helmet (460) – 5 spice shards
  • Spicy Chestplate (461) – 8 spice shards
  • Spicy Leggings (462) – 7 spide shards
  • Spicy Boots (463) – 4 spice shards
  • The Pepper Chef Spawn Egg (464) – 8 spicy pepper blocks + 1 egg
  • Golden Pepper Trophy (193) – kill the Pepper Chef to get it
  • Pepper Crop (191, 192)

Getting the Peppers

Peppers can only be obtained by trading with villagers. Tap on a villager with an emerald and it will drop some peppers in exchange.


When you have got at least one pepper it’s recommended to start growing them to farm more. The farming is similar to growing any other  type of vegetables like carrots, potatoes or wheat.

The peppers growth is quick (30-60 seconds). Then it’s time to harvest the crops.

Make sure to be armed while doing this because there is a tiny chance a Spicy Creeper will spawn every time you harvest a pepper. A Spicy Creeper got less health than a normal creeper and when killed it drops several spicy peppers.


Spicy Tools & Armor

As soon as you’ve gathered 10-20 peppers you can start making the new tools and armor that comes with the mod.

The base item which you want to begin with crafting is the Spicy Shard. It is crafted with 7 Spicy Peppers.

Pepper N’ Steel

It got less durability than a normal flint and steel but does the same thing.


Spicy Sword

The sword deals 10 attack damage which equal five hearts and sets mobs on fire.


Spicy Bomb

Tap on an object where you want to place the bomb and then wait 2-3 seconds for it to detonate.


Spicy Staff

Tap on the Use button in the bottom-left of the screen to shoot Spicy Bombs at your enemies. Remember to keep some Spicy Bombs in your inventory to be able to use it.


Spicy Pepper Block

Perfect way to store your pepper.


Spicy Armor

The armor protects well and the durability is long.


The Pepper Chef Boss

Sir Ronald Pepper, commonly known as The Pepper Chef, was once a world famous chef but someone harmed his reputation to turn him crazy by stuffing one of his meals with spicy peppers. As a result, he went mad and from that day he uses spicy peppers to do evil things.

To find him you need to craft a spawn egg for The Pepper Chef with 8 Spicy Pepper Blocks and 1 egg.

He has 2000 in health which equal 1000 hearts. To his assistance he will spawn Pepper Minions which will explode and drop peppers.


As a reward for killing the chef you will get a trophy. It’s no real use other than it looks cool.



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  8. Cool Mod |★10★| Rate

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    Do we need blocklauncher pro for this?it isnt working in mine when i try it in my tablet.

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