Too Much TNT

Too Much TNT is the ultimate TNT mod. In it you will find more than 20 different bombs and each with its own bombing effect. It is perfect if you want to bomb larger areas!

TNT Block IDs & Recipes

  • TNT x 5 (ID: 25) (Recipe: 4 normal TNT blocks)
  • TNT x 20 (ID: 55) (Recipe: 4 TNT x 5)
  • TNT x 100 (ID: 28) (Recipe: 4 TNT x 20)
  • TNT x 500 (ID: 29) (Recipe: 4 TNT x 100)
  • Meteor TNT (ID: 33) (Recipe: 1 T’NT x 20 + 7 Obsidian blocks + 1 Lava block)
  • Flat Bomb (ID: 72) (Recipe: 1 TNT x 20 + 1 Obsidian block)
  • Mining Flat Bomb (ID: 76) (Recipe: 6 Torches + 1 Flat Bomb + 2 TNT x 5)
  • Compact TNT (ID: 77) (Recipe: 8 TNT + 1 TNT x 5)
  • House TNT (ID: 36) (Recipe: 1 TNT x 5 + 5 Cobblestone + 1 Crafting table + 2 Glass blocks)
  • Wood House TNT (ID: 52) (Recipe: 1 House TNT + 6 Oak planks + 2 Gold ingots)
  • Lava TNT (ID: 34) (Recipe: 1 TNT x 5 + 1 Lava block)
  • Brick House TNT (ID: 70) (Recipe: 1 Wood House TNT + 2 Diamonds + 6 Brick Blocks)
  • Lava Block (ID: 23) (Recipe: Tap on a lava block with any shovel type)
  • Fire TNT (ID: 84) (Recipe: 1 Flint and Steel + 1 TNT x 5)
  • Snow TNT (ID: 88) (Recipe: 1 Snow Block + 1 TNT x 5)
  • Ocean TNT (ID: 93) – (Recipe: 4 Water Blocks + 1 TNT
  • Hell Fire TNT (ID: 94) – (Recipe: 1 Flint & Steel + 2 TNTx20 + 2 Netherrack)
  • Random TNT (ID: 113) – (Recipe: one of each existent ore + 3 TNTs
  • Trap TNT (ID: 115) – (Recipe: Five Obsidian + 3 Lava Blocks + 1 TNTx5)
  • Digging TNT (ID: 117) – (Recipe: 3 Iron Ingots + 2 Water Blocks + 1 TNTx5)
  • Drilling TNT (ID: 118) – (Recipe: 1 TNTx100 + 1 Digging TNT)

Other Block IDs

  • Sulphur Ore (ID: 90) – Spawns at random between block levels 20 and 50.
  • Lava Block (ID: 23) – Use any type of shovel to dig some lava.
  • Water Block (ID: 130) – Use any type of shovel to dig some water.

Creator: MRAndyPE


toomuchtnt2 toomuchtnt3


Important Install Note

Before installing the mod file (.js) you must install the texture pack first. Then restart the game and install the mod file (.js).

Download Mod
Download Textures

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Installation Guides


146 Responses

2.5 / 5 (16 votes)
  1. Damonlive783 (Damon T Williams) says:

    Ok, I’ve been seeing a lot of criticism based comments written in this post recently.. and this is for those of you saying that this mod sucks, and doesnt work today (Comments as of 2020..), then Im sorry to say, but you all are dumb..
    You see, I dont think you all recent little kids were around when this app called: Blocklauncher, was still existing/working. And this mod, is specifically for that app only. And also, as a bonus, it only worked for versions 0.9.x and 10.x . And, no. This is not an addon. You cant change a .js file to a .mcaddon/.mcpack file and expect it to work as an addon like that, it doesn’t work that way.
    And I get it, the download link doesnt work. But this mod is very outdated, but there are other links still available. and also, this mod probably won’t ever get update again, which is sad. But like I said, its outdated. But if you want to play around with this cool mod, downgrade your Minecraft to version 10.5, and download Blocklauncher version 1.8.6, and then enable the mod and it should work fine
    So to simplify it down, this is a Blocklauncher mod that worked back in the Blocklauncher/Pocket Edition era, not an addon (Also, you should check the date of these mods before saying anything or downloading it ffs)

  2. Guest-1574183534 says:


  3. AA 18YT says:

    Bro it is need 1.14 version Minecraft bedrock edition It Mod Update cool

  4. Guest-3787169494 says:

    how do u install it?

  5. Guest-5487361846 says:

    2020 doesn’t work

  6. Nona Noble says:

    I hate this mod

  7. Ethan Leiker says:

    Thanks. It looks good

  8. Black Phoenix says:

    It always brings me to weird hack looking

  9. Black Phoenix says:

    It always brings me to weird hack looking

  10. Your Worst Nightmare says:


  11. Firewolfxl5MCPE says:

    When I downloaded it it acted like it was only for Minecraft Java Edition and only downloads me a java.script file

  12. Drake says:

    When I try to download too much TNT mod it takes me to a coding screen so I don’t know what to do.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Why can we not copy it and please make a download that works

  14. Mateo says:

    It doesnt install why

  15. clare says:

    Why does it send me to adfly???

  16. shayok says:

    make a media fire download pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  17. Blade1 says:

    50 kinds of TNT is insane.

  18. Mr. Canadian Pug says:

    Make a media fire download please!

  19. KEVINPLAYS5972 says:

    really hard to the mod for me :/ the mod is so cool! 8)

  20. Inner Core says:

    How do I install this mod on inner core???

  21. Dont ask says:

    It wont let me use the mod can you help me with it

  22. Dont ask says:

    Man the guide is useless and the mod is not working a little help over here

  23. Elliot says:

    It won’t let me download it just takes me to dropbox

  24. Santino says:

    PopularMMOs did this mod

  25. Arthelad says:

    Hi, Its seems that the mod doesn’t work anymore in mcpe android. It gave some error code when load the .js file in blocklauncher. Have already put the texture package in the resource packs. I wonder if I might missing some steps to activate this mod or it was never being updated anymore. This kind of mod nawdays is rare, hope to see working version of it. Thanks!

  26. Tyler says:

    The only reason I do not like this mod Is because it’s not on MediaFire and you could download stuff onto Dropbox Then you can’t download Minecraft so why put it on there next time you update this mod make sure on this website make both links want to MediaFire not Dropbox.?

  27. some random dude says:

    I wish you could do this without the zip file I doesn’t work for me any other way to download this mod tho?

  28. Sebastian says:

    Hi,I love you’re mods,but I can’t find a way to get them

  29. Potato chips says:

    It doesn’t work for me it I checked and it doesn’t have a Manifest

  30. Anonymous says:

    Is it possible to make this downloadable from a .mcpack? That’s how I typically do things only because I’m not advanced.

  31. Ben says:

    the install mod button took me to Roblox and the install textures button was Childsafe blocked. pls help

  32. Freek says:

    Just wondering if it’s possible to get this working on Windows 10 PE? I can’t figure out what to do with the .js file

  33. Connelly says:

    Does this work for 1.0.5

  34. Connelly says:

    It will not let me open the textures in minecraft

  35. Phil says:

    Is there anyway to get this to work with the MCWin10E?

  36. Kimberley Bufton says:


  37. Godisgreat37 says:

    Please make this downloadable for 16.0

  38. B says:

    Hi when I click the download link it goes to a “” website and there is no link to download ‘To Much Tnt’ mod???????????

  39. Neimad MCPE says:

    Is there an update for 0.14.0

  40. yoshi1229 says:

    its almost been a year? 🙁

  41. Michael says:

    It Says
    *error code*
    I Installed The Texture Pack And It Still Says The Same Thing

  42. amyr says:

    Pls help me is faild and I can’t do patch pls send me answer in gmail

  43. Dos says:

    Is it updated for 0.12.1 yet?

  44. Dylan says:

    Haw do you get the TNT mod?

  45. erick says:

    im having the same problime and i used the guide to 🙁

  46. nathan says:

    It’s not working I done everything right it just say failed to import patch

  47. TJOK says:

    I cant active the tnt…why? Flint and steel or torch or lava not found the tnt is inactived?!
    non me la fa accendere! Non so come attigarla!

  48. Minecraftislove says:

    Can’t download please help

  49. Dynamk98 says:

    0.11.1. Mod not working. Especially the tecture pack


    i cannot see the sulphur block even i create a new world,where do i need to find them.

  51. Whenever I download the mod, I get this error:
    org.mozilla.javascript.WrappedException: Wrapped java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The requested block texture nuke_bottom:0 does not exist (Too_Much_TNT_PE_v_0.4.0[1].js#167)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Context.throwAsScriptRuntimeEx(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.MemberBox.invoke(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpretLoop(Unknown Source)
    at script(Too_Much_TNT_PE_v_0.4.0[1].js:167)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.Interpreter.interpret(Unknown Source)
    at Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.ContextFactory.doTopCall(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.ScriptRuntime.doTopCall(Unknown Source)
    at org.mozilla.javascript.InterpretedFunction.exec(Unknown Source)
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager.initJustLoadedScript(
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager$
    Caused by: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: The requested block texture nuke_bottom:0 does not exist
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager.verifyBlockTextures(
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager.access$1600(
    at net.zhuoweizhang.mcpelauncher.ScriptManager$NativeBlockApi.defineBlock(
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invokeNative(Native Method)
    at java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(
    … 11 more
    Pls fix

  52. ross says:

    Does this work on kindle fire. Downloaded everything but BL can’t find file for mod in the downloads file

  53. ana says:

    i try 2 download it and keeps sendig me to other things downloads w

  54. Hampton says:

    And I can’t download block launcher

  55. Harry says:

    I cannot install this, it says nuke bottom does not exist

  56. Cameron Haley says:

    I installed the texture pack, but then when I went to install the mod (following your guide), it said “Failed to import patch and said “The requested block texture nuke_bottom:0 does not exist”. What’d I do wrong?

  57. Holly says:

    How do u do it

  58. neil says:

    Can it be downloaded in 0.9.5

  59. declan says:

    How do install texture pack I know its thrue the blocklauncher app but when I go into the file I cant find were add it

    • Editor says:

      You need BlockLauncher Pro to use texture packs.

      1. Launch BlockLauncher Pro.
      2. Press the wrench in the top-center of the screen.
      3. Press the bottom option.
      4. Enable textures and press that option to open the file manager to locate the textures zip file in the Download folder.
      5. Done!

      • Andrew says:

        Hey when i go to download it and use blocklauncher to enable the textures it wont let me it says it has a bad texture and i looked its the texture for the nuke block… Any fixes?

        • Editor says:

          Hi Andrew. I pinged the creator on Twitter about your problem. We’ll have to wait and see what he says because I don’t have any good suggestions for you. Shouldn’t take too long for him to answer I think, he’s quite active online.

          • MRAndyPE says:

            Hi editor.
            For this problem, look on my forum page under the download spoiler. There are very specific install instructions in order for this to work. If you could write them on this page it would be awesome! Thanks!

          • Editor says:

            Thanks for telling me. I’ve edited the post a little to include that.

  60. How do i take the mod off of some of my worlds??

  61. tyler boyd says:

    Thanks for the info your the BEST!!!

  62. tyler boyd says:

    I love tnt and want to ask how was tnt in minecraft made?

  63. shadowbrotato says:

    I checked the guide but I don’t want to jailbreak my device, too risky. If there a way without jailbreak, because these mods are amazing and it saddens me not to have them…

  64. Deliz says:

    Mmmm would somebody please tell me how the hell can I install mods in MC, I’ve tried everything and it doesn’t work, I have ifile but I can’t get safariDL manager and when I get the mods on my pc I put them in the worlds folder and they don’t work!! Some help please

  65. SteveFace says:

    Where are the install guides :/

  66. Dom says:

    How do I install it for block launcher?

    • Editor says:

      Check out our install guides.

      • Jack says:

        I did, but every time I attempt to install the texture pack (.zip) blocklauncher crashes. When I try to do it through ES file Explorer, it just doesn’t work. And even then, when I tried to install the .js file, it would give an error like texture not found (yes, this was after I attempted to install the texture pack)

  67. Phillip says:

    What file location and where in the file would I paste the mod text? I’m using a jailbroken iPod Touch running iOS 6.1.6.

  68. MRAndyPE says:

    Hey thanks for making a review of my mod!
    However it is right to leave credit to the maker…
    I won’t do anything, but please consider giving credit to the makers of your mods!
    Thanks! 🙂

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