Tortoises Add-On

Download this Add-On for new wild tortoise mobs that will spawn naturally in your Minecraft world! 

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Tortoises spawn in most grassy biomes. While they only drop dandelions, tortoises can be bred with each other if they are fed melon. To heal a tortoise that has been damaged, feed it either melon or dandelions.


Known Bugs:

  • Mob doesn’t hide in shell when attacked by player


Make sure both the resource pack and behavior pack are enabled, they are both required for the Add-On to work.


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.16

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  1. Fake IsnO says:

    The download link isn’t updated for some reason

  2. THEGOODBOYxzc says:

    add sound tortoise

  3. Biel3003BR says:

    Brasil !

  4. The loop says:

    You never mentioned with what food to tame them so is it dandelion or melon?

  5. Avian Crux says:

    It looks straight out of Minecraft!

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