Tower Of Hell V1

Hi are you great at parkour? 

Do you like hard obstacles?

Here is a miningame called Tower Of Hell  Me and Delonze made this map and in my head how about making a tower full of obstacles the goal is to get to the top this is like the Tower Of Hell in roblox but in Minecraft you can even play it with your friends if you want to suggest more just go and leave a suggestion and even subscribing to my channel Em Z PH 

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Here is a screenshot of the top of the tower:

How To Play:

  1. Before going through all of this obstacles you must start the game by clicking the button (Start Timer) and if the timer is not working a reset button will appear near the Start Time Button at the bottom (Note: DO NOT KEEP CLICKING THE RESET BUTTON IF A TITLE SAYS 15 MINUTES IT MEANS ITS WORKING)
  2. You have only 15 minutes to reach the top you have a 1 minute headstart.
  3. You will be given 1 diamond boots and if the timer goes 14 minutes you must hold the boots to get enchanted for a feather falling
  4. You can sabootage some of your friends 🙂
  5. When you reach the top drop down  on the trapdoor to stop the timer and you can do what ever you want
  6. Have fun don’t rage quit 😁

I already tested the parkour and everything is possible


(More Lobby)

(Bottom Of The Tower)


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. MrDiamond says:

    Hey! Cool map tho! Can I help you upgrade your map? I’m bored and I can help build maps. Can I help you upgrade? Just message me in facebook: “MrDiamond” and i’m a pocket edition player. Cya!

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