Toxic Islands [Early Testing]

Toxic Islands is SkyBlock but with my own twist, you’re stranded on an island in the middle of the toxic seas. You either have to do the normal SkyBlock survival strategies or make your own in order to survive.

Toxic Islands is basically SkyBlock but with my own twist. The twist is that instead of being in an island in the sky, you’re in a 7×7 island! 

But be careful, the water is very toxic, you have a possibility to die if you touch it! So be careful and enjoy!

This map is still in development so it lacks some features I plan to add. So for now, you can play normally like how you play vanilla SkyBlock if you want.

The floating island that can teleport the player to the lobby:

The lobby, for now includes a shop (Levels are the currency). The shop only has weapons and armor for sale right now. More items will be added!

The Shop:

Please send me your feedback and your thoughts on the map in the comments or tweet at me!

Changelog View more
  • Added a shop where you can buy items. You can only buy Armor and Swords for now. (Levels are the currency)
  • You can now get 5 Levels every Minecraft day that passes.
  • Added a Zip folder download
  • Hopefully fixed the download links
  • Added a screenshot preview of the shop

Fixed the MediaFire link, again. (Might make a mega link also because I'm have some trouble with MediaFire.)


  • Download the map using the link below
  • Import the map to your game and enjoy!


Supported Minecraft versions


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28 Responses

3.7 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Ajzgamerzy says:

    the zip doesnt work and the mcworld download says it cant be downloaded ree

  2. inkunn says:

    hey when i click mcworld it says “this file can not be downloaded because there was a problem with the upload. If possible, contact the person uploading the file to ask them to upload it again.”

  3. hungry says:

    do you go to the end?

  4. Mike says:

    Will you redo the island? Like make them look like actual island with some palmtrees and a small mountain maybe. To make everything look a lot more beautiful

  5. OGXFadeGames says:

    I started in the area i believe i was supposed to start it, i got out and the island tree was gone, there were lava buckets in the water, saplings, sticks, etc. But if that gets fixed this would be a great map if there are more islands added and maybe a achievement list

  6. Catie says:

    When I download it the tree is already gone and there are only two levels. The lobby is also not done. You said that there was a shop but I have yet to see one. Sorry, I’m just confused.

  7. Anonymous says:

    How many islands are u planning to add?

  8. Nick says:

    The tree is already gone… How can i play this maps, is already won… Try it guys

  9. Ward D says:

    The map itself isn’t that special to be honest; but the fact that water actualy hurts you is very good. It really adds to the map. Overall, i think this map deserves some more love !

  10. Anonymous says:

    Great map

  11. Anonymous says:

    its ok

  12. SadZefeer says:

    We can`t feed the pigs with wheat. Put some carrots in the chest.

  13. xxRaiyanxxYT says:


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