Toyota Mark II Addon

My next addon will give you awesome drifting car – Toyota Mark II. With this addon you will see 14 different variations of this car. you’ll never read this lmao

• Car info

Mark II is perfect drifting right-hand drive car, produced by Toyota from 1968 to 2004. This addon will add 1993 release.

• Addon info

It’s 9 common types of this car and 5 turbo versions (seriously, it’s very fast). Every type of this car can carry 5 players at same time. 

9 common types:

Green type 2



Green type 1





Purple (my favorite)

And 5 turbo versions:






You can summon it with a spawn eggs or through commands:

/summon toyota:mark_ii_green

/summon toyota:mark_ii_green_2

/summon toyota:mark_ii_emerald

/summon toyota:mark_ii_lime

/summon toyota:mark_ii_silver

/summon toyota:mark_ii_purple

/summon toyota:mark_ii_white

/summon toyota:mark_ii_pink

/summon toyota:mark_ii_red

/summon toyota:mark_ii_turbo_yellow

/summon toyota:mark_ii_turbo_blue

/summon toyota:mark_ii_turbo_orange

/summon toyota:mark_ii_turbo_pink

/summon toyota:mark_ii_turbo_lime

Warning! Very high detailed addon, may be laggy at some devices.

Send your car addon requests here —>


Supported Minecraft versions


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10 Responses

4.9 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. User-1169233466 says:

    Finally! A CAR ADDON THAT WORKS!!!!

  2. EarthBat 35YT says:

    Van You Make Ford Focus RS 2017?

  3. BayDartYT says:

    А го Ланос?
    А может го целый пак русских(Украинских) машин? Ланос, жигули, лада, бмв, Марседес и т.д.?

  4. Pro mega gamer 228 says:

    Сделай ниву поджолуйсто ( я знаю что ты Русс)))

  5. Pro Gamer672 says:

    You can buld all cars (Mod) ?

  6. BRUUH says:

    WOW! Your make 2 cars before your first addon and I see this *O*

  7. DTech says:

    This is awesome 😁😯👍!!! I can actually drift💨! I love it💖! You just need to put an animation and sounds. And then, perfect! Please make more vehicle add-ons!

  8. Larnie says:

    and you can make rusty Lada addon

  9. ZWH MM says:

    Can u make Suzuki Ciaz

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