Trains! Add-on [Steam Edition]

This is the 2nd edition of ‘Trains! Add-on’. In this add-on main feature stays the same, which is Connectable Minecarts! But this time minecarts are replaced with Steam-locomotive, carriage and wagons!

Here’s the Vanilla Edition in case you prefer the vanilla experience of minecraft 🙂

Creator: @da4thedge

So, what’s in this version?

▪Minecarts are replaced with Steam locomotive, Passenger carriage and wagons

▪4 new tools to connect them together

(custom items, stackable[20 per slot], one time use)

How to obtain?

You can obtain the train’s 4 parts and their coupling tools by using crafting table. Here’s the recipes ⬇

How to use?

▪Load and add the addon files

▪Turn on Experimental Gameplay (otherwise you can’t get custom items in-game)

▪Now watch this short video below to learn how to use them properly(sorry for the video quality😅)⬇


▪Leash is not rendered between connected wagons

▪Seat position is incorrect when the train moves towards Z axis

▪Replaced minecarts(for the sake of rotation animations)

▪Supported minecraft version: 1.12

1.13(beta) is rendering the textures incorrectly for an unknown reason. So until full release of 1.13, this addon is only available for 1.12 🙁

Changelog View more

▪Textures are loading incorrect in v1.13(beta). It has nothing to do with the resource pack, as it works fine on v1.12

So, until next update from mojang, this addon is only playable on v1.12 :(


Supported Minecraft versions


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24 Responses

4.23 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. I Wayan Suputa says:

    Do you mind making a modern metro version! this is amazing also please add option to change from different minecarts like the tnt minecart. Im making a fast behaviour of minecart using tnt and would appreciate you to make on with those options and making a metro version. Overall amazing addon of course the animations should be fixed but doesnt mind me ya know.

  2. Idk says:

    Mc.addon download link sends me to a unskippable ad, plz fix

  3. SmothLime186535 says:

    Siempre quise trenes en Minecraft y es hermoso que por fin alguien haya hecho este add-on, es bellísimo

  4. Ghosttheholy says:

    Love this mod! Thanks for all the awesome work! Finally have steam trains. Looking forward to the position and turning animation bug fix! How about a proper working airplane. This hopping a horse into the sky and calling it a plane isnt working.

  5. Da4ThEdge says:

    So, currently this addon is only playable on v1.12
    Because for an unknown reason v1.13(beta) is rendering the textures wrong, while on 1.12 it works fine. Maybe it’s an in-game bug as 1.13 is still in beta.
    Sorry for the late response on this issue, guys! :'(

  6. TheMinecraft Whale says:

    Cool Addon, But it’s experimental mode necessary for it to work properly?.

  7. TheMinecraft Whale says:

    Can you make a modern train edition?.

  8. Monkee1963 says:

    I finally downloaded it but why are every single car a steam locomotive instead of a carriage, a TNT car, and a box car?

    • Da4ThEdge says:

      In this addon-
      hopper minecart➡locomotive
      chest minecart➡freight wagon
      tnt minecart➡freight wagon with tnt
      follow the crafting recipe above to obtain them
      each one has their own coupler(plus sign at corner)

      • Da4ThEdge says:

        ok, so…you’re right. You must be on v1.13(beta). I’ve tested it recently, for an unknown reason 1.13(beta) is rendering the wrong textures, while on 1.12 it works fine. As 1.13 is still in beta, so it maybe an in-game bug. 🙁
        Sorry for this unwanted inconvenience! 🙁

  9. Da4ThEdge says:

    Some of you may face a 503 error when downloading the .mcaddon file
    It’s neither the download link’s fault, nor your fault, your browser is simply changing link’s protocol from ‘http’ to ‘https’ 🙁
    So if you face such problem, change the link’s protocol from ‘https’ to ‘http’ manually 🙂
    Also, added a .zip link which is adfree 🙂

  10. SuperRyanGaming says:

    The link doesn’t work! It sends you to an unskippable add, so please fix that! Maybe try using adfly instead. You see, adds on the website you’re currently using aren’t skippable, meaning that you can’t download the Addon, but on adfly, the e’s always a skip button, so it’s possible to download it. Please fix this!

  11. YouTuber says:

    I have encountered a bug it. The Train itself reverses when it turns and it kinda ruins the feel 😐

  12. YouTuber says:


  13. ImATotalTrashMamal says:

    Bro i was so excited until i read the word “Replaced”!

  14. Monkee1963 says:

    This addon would be cool if you could, you know, ACTUALLY DOWNLOAD IT!

  15. Mod Corners says:

    This looks amazing does it replace any blocks?

  16. Scp gamer says:


  17. jumpy says:

    thanks bro i have trains in my minecraft world

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