Trampoline Mod

The Trampoline Mod makes the sponge block into a trampoline block. If you walk on top of a sponge you will launch up into the air. Up and down you will go.

The block can be used in several funny ways. For example, you could include the sponge block in a parkour map when longer jumps are required. You could also build a swimming pool (as we did in the images below) with a trampoline.

Creator: Kenji Gamer Pro

screenshot-2015-05-31-12-06 Screenshot_2015-05-31-12-06-55



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8 Responses

  1. One of the Creators says:

    Guys I am one of the creators who made tuis mod anyway this mod has no bugs and it works perfectly fine and ENJOY

  2. One of the Creators says:

    I am on of the creators who made this mod anyway this mod has no bugs AND ENJOY THE MOD

  3. Anonymous says:

    Looks good

  4. Taytay says:


  5. Taytay says:

    I love this one😍😍😍!!!!

  6. Dynamk98 says:

    Mod dosnt work well. In survival i die after the second jump. And also putting 1 sponge down dosnt always make it work like a trampoline, i have to put down so many sponges inorder to keep jumping. And if you could increse jump height that would be great

  7. Just4lolz67 says:

    Does anyone use this website

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