Trap Secret Grass Blocks!

Have you wanted to trolling your friend but he realizes because it is very easy to tell if it is a trap or not? Well here I bring you my new texture on hidden grass blocks trap

The good

Oak wood blocks are replaced by fake grass blocks and pine wood blocks are replaced by grass blocks from that biome 

The bad

but it also has its disadvantages because the texture also changes the stairs fences and slabs of those woods


See the tutorial to see how to put textures to minecraft Pe please


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11 Responses

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  1. Prisonedchair41 says:

    There also is no fir trees

  2. Prisonedchair41 says:

    Give us our wood texture or just change the pressure plate texture

  3. Tanso26 says:

    Uh.. There are no pine trees in vanilla Minecraft?

  4. Prisonedchair41 says:

    Use custom blocks

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