Trapping Nets Mod

The Trapping Nets Mod adds a trapping net item to the game which can be used to trap and capture mobs with. The captured mobs can be kept in your inventory as items and at any point spawned using an Altar of Mob Releasing.


Item/Block IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Trapping Net Frame (512) – 4 sticks + 1 blood + 4 iron ingots
  • Blood (516) – dropped from every mob (except skeletons & slimes)
  • Trapping Net (513) – 1 trapping net frame + 1 redstone core
  • Redstone Core (514) – tap on a redstone block with a diamond tipped wooden staff
  • Diamond Tipped Wooden Staff (517) – 1 staff core + 1 diamond
  • Staff Core (599) – 5 sticks + 3 redstones + 1 iron ingot
  • Heart (515) – only obtainable through Too Many Items mod
  • Troll Block Detector (518) – 1 stone
  • Altar of Mob Releasing (Tier 1) (stonecutter recipe) (207) – 2 stone bricks slabs + 3 stones + 2 diamonds 3 stones + 1 heart
  • Altar of Mob Releasing (Tier 2) (stonecutter recipe) (208) – 4 iron ingots + 1 diamond + 1 altar of mob releasing + 1 redstone core+ 1 heart

Capturing Mobs

To begin trapping mobs you will need a Trapping Net (all crafting recipes can be found further up). Hold the Trapping Net and tap on any type of mob (except colored sheep) which you want to capture.


After you’ve trapped a mob you will get an item in your inventory named something like this: Trapping Net: [name of mob].

Releasing Mobs

To release a captured mob craft an Altar of Mob Releasing block and place it down on the ground. Then tap on the block with the captured mob item to release it.



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  1. Jessie says:

    Why Dropbox? And why not mediafire? This means I can’t download it

  2. Joche says:

    I like pizza

  3. Tyeking says:

    Is this For minecraft pe 0.14.+ (if it is can you senda me a link For there 0.13.1 version plz)


    Does it work on modded mobs?

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