Treasure + Add-On V7 “New Halloween themed Treasures and Treasure mechanics!”

Unleash the treasure hunter in you with this cool new add-on!

This new add-on has 14 additional mobs that drop various items which range from dirt to diamond, weapons, armors and many more. This add-on also spawns in different biomes in the Minecraft world! Worry no more because it works even when the experimental gameplay is off. So, what are you waiting for? Indulge yourself with this add-on that will surely give you all the treaure hunter feels!

Check out these mobs that this add-on has in store for you!


  •  It drops items (dirt to diamond)
  •  It also drops weapons (wooden to diamond)
  •  It spawns in all biomes
  •  It has spawn egg in the creative inventory

Here’s a screenshot of Ancient Pot in-game!


  •  It drops items (dirt to diamond)
  •  It also drops armors (more frequent than the Ancient Pot mob and Gravestone mob) and weapons (wooden to diamond)
  •  It spawns only in jungle biome
  •  It has spawn egg in the creative inventory

Here’s a screenshot of Ancient Chest in-game!

3. GRAVESTONE (Model 1)

  •  It drops items (dirt to diamond)
  •  It also drops armors (less frequent than Ancient Chest mob and Ancient Pot mob) and weapons (wooden to diamond)
  •  It spawns in all biomes
  •  It has spawn egg in the creative inventory
  • Has a chance to spawn Skeleton or Zombie!

Here’s a screenshot of Gravestone (Model 1) in-game!

Sometimes Gravestone spawns Zombie or Skeleton!

4. GRAVESTONE (Model 2)

  •  It drops items (dirt to diamond)
  •  It also drops armors (less frequent than Ancient Chest mob and Ancient Pot mob)
  •  It spawns in all biomes
  •  It has spawn egg in the creative inventory
  • Has a chance to spawn Zombie or Skeleton!

Here’s a screenshot of Gravestone (Model 2) in-game!

Sometimes Gravestone spawns Zombie or Skeleton!


  • It can be found underground and in any type of biome.
  • It contains loots
  • You can obtain various rare items such as iron to diamond ores or just those common and low-valued items like sapling and dirt

Here’s a screenshot of Barrel in-game!.

6.Abandoned Sword

  • It can be found underground and in any type of biome.
  • This iron sword has been abandoned long ago by an unknown adventurer.
  • It can be pulled out if you desire to possess it
  • Has 5 variants (Wooden,Stone,Iron,Golden and Diamond).

Here’s some screenshot of Abandoned Sword in-game!

Abandoned Wooden Sword (Spawn chance 25 out of 100)

Abandoned Stone Sword (Spawn chance 20 out of 100)

Abandoned Iron Sword (Spawn chance 15 out of 100)

Abandoned Golden Sword (Spawn chance 10 out of 100)

Abandoned Diamond Sword (Spawn chance 5 out of 100)

7. Miner’s Satchel

  • Can be found underground.
  • Drops mining related items like ingots,blocks etc!
  • Abandoned by a mysterious miner!

Here’s a screenshot of Miner’s Satchel in-game!

8.Miner’s Backpack

  • Can be found underground.
  • Drops mining related items like ores,ingots,blocks etc!
  • It has more loot than Miner’s Satchel.
  • Abandoned by a mysterious miner!

Here’s a screenshot of Miner’s Backpack in-game!

9.Pouch of Gold

  • Can be found both underground and surface.
  • Drops Gold,Diamonds,Iron, and Emerald!

Here’s a screenshot of Pouch of Gold in-game!


  • Can be found both Underground and surface.
  • Drops sticks and Arrows!

Here’s a screenshot of Quiver in-game!

11.Nether Chest

  • Can be found in the Nether!.
  • Holds many awesome loots!.
  • Drops more loots than Nether Pots,

Here’s a screenshot of Nether Chest in-game!

12.Nether Pot

  • Can be found in the Nether!.
  • Holds many awesome loots!.

Here’s a screenshot of Nether Pot in-game!

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13.Halloween Pouch

  • This can be found above the surface.
  • It holds many loots especially foods!
  • Halloween special!

Here’s a screenshot of Halloween Pouch in-game!

14.Halloween Basket of Treats

  • This can be found above the surface.
  • It holds much more loots than Halloween Pouch
  • Trick or Treat!

Here’s a screenshot of Halloween Basket Of Treats in-game!


– Relics that have special effects when being equipped and held and can later on be sold.

– Treasure hunter mob that spawns naturally, is a neutral mob, and can hunt and store treasures.

– More treasures

Feel free to suggest ideas for future updates!

You may also check out the video of this add-on:

Changelog View more

V2 Changelog

-Added Barrel!,This treasure holds many epic loots like diamonds!,It can be found underground or above.

-Added Abandoned Sword!, This mysterious sword has been abandoned by an unknown adventurer, you can pull this sword if you desire to possess it! . It can also be found above or below the ground!.

Updated links

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V3 Changelog

Added Abandoned sword variations!. You can now find Wooden to Diamond Abandoned swords both underground and above the surface!.

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V4 Changelog

-Added Miner's Satchel treasure!. it spawns underground and holds many mining related loots!.

-Added Miner's Backpack treasure!. it spawns underground and holds many mining related loots than the Miner's Satchel!.

Support me by subscribing and downloading this add-on!

V5 Changelog

-Added Quiver treasure!. It drops arrows and sticks!

-Added Pouch of Gold treasure!.It drops golds,diamonds,iron and emeralds!.

Please subscribe to my Youtube channel to support me!

V6 Changelog

-Added Nether Pots!. It can be found in the Nether!.

-Added Nether Chests!. It can be found in the Nether. It also holds awesome loots!.

As you guys requested i added Nether Treasures. Please continue to support this addon!.

V7 Changelog

-Added 2 Halloween special treasures!, Halloween Basket of Treats and Halloween Pouch!. These 2 Treasures holds many loots and PUMPKIN PIE!!!

-Gravestones now have a chance to spawn Zombie or Skeleton rather than drop loots!!


1.Click Subscribe then Subscribe to my Channel first (Here > Subscribe)

2.Click the link(The Behavior Pack and Resource Pack)

3.Wait 5 Secs then Click Skip Ad

4.Wait for the allow button,Click Allow

5.Click Download

6.Download And Install Both Packs!


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13

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87 Responses

4.08 / 5 (51 vote)
  1. fourgalaxy says:

    yo epic addon jimbo can you make the nether chest drop netherite scrap or a miners chest even more rare like that other guy said. thanks for the epic addon keep up the good work. 😉

  2. Guest-2467605782 says:

    Update the drops to the nether update pls like netherite

  3. Jamie Macdonald says:

    BEWARE , Mod author requires you to ALLOW ADFLY on you system to download ( not just see ad’s) This can lead to Data Scraping , malware , trojans among other things. His response was just disable it after the install ( which won’t fix the holes it can poke in your system). Just so he makes a few cents ad revenue off you.

    • Jimbo_Acob says:

      You will be infected if you’re too dumb. everyone knows that even mcpedl gives instruction before directing to an adfly site. If you don’t want to use my addons then dont. AHAHAHHA you can keep spamming all of my addon and mod threads if that will make you happy HAHAHAH.


  4. Yikes says:

    Cant even download due to adfly redirecting to everything under the sun other than the download site

  5. Jamie Macdonald says:

    Screw you Adfly is requiring direct access to my machine to Send notifications ( which can also be used to track and scrape data on EVERYTHING you do ) to access this link, hell no I hope your channel burns and dies before I ever use this mod now

    • bruh says:

      Yooo chill. Wait 5 seconds and then your done. You don’t gotta rant about everything. He’s just earning money.

      • Jamie Macdonald says:

        Actually there’s different setting for ad fly where ya they see ads ( ok np 90% of content on here and other mod sites) and other which earns more per where they HAVE TO LET ADFLY ON THERE MACHINE . guess which one this picked so no Screw him.

  6. Orlando019 hg says:

    Hey this is Orlando019 again and I wanted to ask when are you going to update this addon. And if you are ever going to respond to me…

  7. Anonymous says:

    I have an idea!
    Maybe you can add end treasures like the end chest?

  8. Cesare pecoraro says:

    I have an idea!
    Maybe you can add end treasures like the end chest?

  9. Williamlol666 says:

    Hello when i enter my World and i have already on res, beh pack, when it in the world There is nothing, i mean no treasures i have even tried X-ray but it doesn’t work on 1.12.1

  10. Anonymous says:

    Make mediafire

  11. Orlando019 the 2nd says:

    Hello this is Orlando019 from the other comment and I just had a few new ideas.

    1.- Mystery Pot: a pot which drops any item that are in all the treasures which is super rare.

    2.-Miner’s Chest: is more rare than miner’s backpack and drops more ores.

    3.-Naturally Generated Loot Structure: This is just an idea. I know it’s a bit too picky but it would be cool to have a NGLS in your world which has a special chest inside or on top of it however you want it to be.

    4.-Nether Quiver: Just like the quiver but can drop arrows with effects.

    That are all my new loot ideas. But also it ruins the experience that the on land treasures are so easy to find, especially the iron sword. Also there isn’t a lot of “only in this biome loot” which is something I personally like. Thx for the mod anyway. It would be cool if you wanted to talk to me to tell you some ideas!

  12. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for this add on. It is absolutely amazing

  13. Anonymous says:

    Can you make them summon able from command blocks

  14. Anonymous says:

    get rid of the gosh stupid adfly

  15. JimmyRPG says:

    Pls make support 1.14 beta

  16. Nub12345 says:

    I have an idea get rid of stupid adfly

    • Neflhelim says:

      Stop complaining about adfly, people spent months and weeks of their time and money on a project, sure it is annoying but before you call it a waste of time, maybe mail $5 to the owner, post your email address in the comments, then wait for them to give you the direct link, 5 seconds is not equivalent to hours

  17. Илья Федукин says:

    Добавьте чудищ охраняющих сокровища и в край несколько сакровищ

  18. Orlando019 says:

    Hey great mod btw it has helped a lot in survival and is really helpful. This isn’t a bug report but I wanted to suggest a few ideas.

    1- Ender treasures: treasures that teleports every 2 min (my idea but if you don’t want it to be 2 min it’s ok)

    2-Treasure Keepers: kind of like villagers but they search for treasures and store it in chests (kind of like the piglins)

    3-Treasure Boss: Maybe a mob that drops a bunch of treasures when you kill them

    4-Treasure Friend: A treasure that can be crafted or obtained and follows you around like a pet

    Thx for the mod and can’t wait it to be updated

  19. YourMomIn4 says:

    Add End treasures now >:v

  20. Alex says:

    Pls add also for the end dimension

  21. Trolly says:

    I love this Addon maybe you should add a lamp

  22. Kim says:

    I though it was epic but when I put it in my global resource pack…. Everything’s all black and I cannot place anything i was to excited that…oof

  23. Comphurtzone says:

    For those that are stuck on the “press allow to continue” page here’s the fix. Once you’re on that page you will want to edit the url, for those that aren’t familiar the url is the line of information that generally starts with “www” above the webpage. Now back to the edit. The only thing you want to change is where it says www1, you’ll want to change that number from a 1 to a 4, after you have done that just click search and wait a moment then it should immediately start redirecting you to the mediafire link. Hope this helps. By the way, I’m not good with computers, it’s just that YouTube is a good source for information, you should try it.

  24. A person says:

    Put the goddamn link off it’s never works!I gave it a three stars cuz i like it but still

  25. octodocto says:

    the links wont work for me on xbox

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is my favorite mod it helped me out sooo much I have no problems with it and I love it. Keep up the awesome work!

  27. Octodocto says:

    The link doesnt work

  28. Uxure says:

    Please change the link

  29. JimmyRPG says:

    Create Dual Wield Addon plss

  30. VirussGold says:

    Add please:

    1. Abandoned nether chest, with wither skull, glowstone…
    2. Abandoned archer backpack, with arrows, bow…
    3. Redstone kit, with redstone, piston, button…
    4. Abandoned books, with, book 🙂 …
    5. Meat, with rotten flesh, porchop, bones…

    These are my ideas please add one in future updates.
    A like your mod.
    Sorry for my english. 🙂

  31. Ryan GamingTV says:


  32. Jared Blackburn says:

    So will they work like shuckers? As in they wont spawn like mad, and once you kill the entity they stay that way? Cuz it would be odd to see a diamond sword right in front of you, or one appear in front of your house over time.

    • Nunya says:

      yeah i made a custom village and had to keep cleaning up all the random swords and gravestones that kept popping up,,, wish it was a generated mob, not a constant spawn kinda mob

  33. Namvn says:

    Create addon jurassic wolds (animation)

  34. BeeAltaria says:

    Its a pain in ass to download the resources pack and the behavior pack separately and the file is hosted in adfly. Can you you make an .mcaddon file?

  35. DubbWubb says:

    dude ik u want to make money with the link but can u please reply to this comment with the mediafire links please i really want this mob but the link is just a pain in the ass and being on xbox is twice as painful of a task to do this

  36. EmeraldMC says:


    Add Ground Spikes – When walked, it will hurt you by decreasing a 1 HP! When destroyed it will drop an item called Spike piece and a Spike Base.
    Pharaoh Tomb- Can be found in desert temple. When opened/destroy, there’s a chance spawning a mummy or neither a loot drop!
    Thanks for adding them!

  37. Naga says:

    Love the mod 😉 it’s nice to have in a skyblock cause sometimes i can just go back to spawn to find a barrel with some iron and dirt 😀 also an idea for another thing you can add is maybe a wooden toolbox that drops redstone stuff. Or maybe an abandoned backpack/sack that drops some misc stuff.

  38. rakuran says:

    when I go to the adfly site it say its unsafe and will not allow me to use it, even if proceed.

  39. Linote_Sincera says:

    Why does it has to be Adfly? I just hate i can never go trough and it’s kinda risky

  40. Navneeth says:

    Hey I’m thinking about reviewing this addon in my YouTube channel. So can I have the permission please?

  41. Alex says:

    Looks good I was thinking of reviewing this mod on my Youtube but I can’t because the adfly link won’t let me through.

    plz fix or make it medifire or somthing

  42. BladerPro766 says:

    Pls make custom items that we can only get them with the treasures and /give command and classify them like ,common,uncommon,rare etc. Please add this I’m one of your big fans

  43. DaggerDG says:

    WHY WOULD YOU USE ADDFLY, for real, its like a 1 in 10 chance that it will let me through, and the other 9 times it either does nothing or tried to scam me. Just don’t use it.

  44. Jessie says:

    Adfly doesn’t work. When I skip, it pulls up an error meaning it couldn’t access my webcam. Please don’t use Adfly! I know it gets you money, but it’s a total sham.

  45. Anonymous says:

    Ok so I have kind of request to make. When you do the next update for this pack can you add a couple of treasure mobs that spawn exclusively in any type of ocean biome? I do superflat ocean survival on my xbox all the time and this mod would make it so much easier to at least build a house on.

  46. Joa says:

    1.13 versión pls?

  47. Lukas says:

    Such an awesome idea perfect for my modded survival!

  48. CrySa says:

    i can’t download the rescource pack. won’t let me through! it says i have an adblocker active but i don’t.

  49. Backpull Gaming says:

    Can you make an opening animation?

  50. Person says:

    Idea for script! When you die in game. have it put all your items into a tombstone. Then someone can break the tombstone and get the items

  51. Revan_XVII says:

    Queston would it be possible to allow the pot and gravestones to spawn in warm ocean biomes? I’m trying to do a custom superflat warm ocean world based on pirating and the mobs won’t spawn on my grass island that is the only landmass in the world.

  52. Mert the Turk says:

    Mummy mob for deserts would be cool it fits with mods theme

  53. Dreamlady3413 says:

    Very good Add-on, to be honest I was expecting a treasure that you have to find a key or open it with a pickax but this is a much better version then the one that I used from an adventure map that someone built about treasures as well as pirates but any way great job!

  54. Chris Lebleu says:

    Easily five stars. Brilliant mod!

  55. beetlx says:

    is this addon in 1.11

  56. Corrupted zak50 says:

    Very good Addon and also I was thinking you could make a piece of treasure that looks like the ancient pot but instead of giving you anything it explodes🙂

  57. Revan_XVII says:

    These mobs don’t seem to spawn in warm ocean biomes. I’m dong a warm ocean superflat survival on my Xbox with the mod fully active and none of these creatures are spawning.

  58. IcePower139 says:

    Its like Terraria!

  59. Cody says:

    Wait does it replace the existing entities

  60. Loyd5X says:

    Grave stones should drop bones, skulls, and VERY rarely wither skulls. Also i hope these act like shulkers -_-

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