Tree Capitator Addon

Have you ever been tired because of chopping down every single blocks of a tree? Now, no more! With Tree Capacitor Addon, You can chop down the whole tree by chopping the bottom block!

Creator: @keyyard

Social Medias:

Twitter | Discord Server | Team Discord Server | YouTube


  • Please Sneak while chopping tree to get it works! this is to avoid breaking your structures!
  • break the bottom block of a tree & whole tree falls down!
  • works for all kind of trees (birch, oak, jungle,…)
  • works for large, huge trees now! (thanks to @worldwidebrine, he provide me the update version he made before i make).
  • works on Survival Mode Only.

A Video about how it works:

Changelog View more

Lowered my revenue for people to easier install it, also added more of my social medias. 

Lowered my revenue for people to install it easier, enjoy!

Added PixelPoly Discord Server there! Come join there to join the fun!

Updated with various bugs fixed, now work with the latest version and without experimental mode

Now player has to sneak while chopping the tree to get the Tree Capitator works! This is to avoid breaking your structures!

Various Bug Fixed

Now Support Large & Huge Trees

Work only on survival note.



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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169 Responses

3.55 / 5 (65 votes)
  1. KogaWolfe says:

    Nice mod but found a bug. If I press the sneak button after I use the axe normally it will break other logs near me, chopped down some log pillars in my house a lot as I was trying to build it.

  2. XionMk1 says:

    Hey there, great port to the Bedrock version. Everything works fine even Experimental and newest version.. thing is that it breaks blocks randomly?! I dont know if its the mod or the game itself breaking blocks but i had it servl times now, that the Logs in my house will randomly chop themselfs when im nearby.. with your mod active it ends up basicly chopping my whole house down due to it is build with mainly wood ..

  3. bog500 says:

    It doesn’t work with 1.16. The addon is active, I sneak, cut the tree with an axe, and just the single blocks fall, not the rest of the tree

  4. Luxiel BlackDragon says:

    Hey man, can you tell me if, when cutting the tree with the Add-On, the leaves disappear normally?

  5. KirbendoToon says:

    Bonjour Je n’arrive pas a faire marchez le mod sur mon serveur alors que le mod marche sur mes monde sur mon serveur il y a 2 mod de décoration et se mod,aidez moi

  6. Guest-2806019226 says:

    Can I use this addon in my YouTube channel?

  7. Guest-8713770651 says:

    I use itbin my realm but it makes my other member name above them is missing, unless you are very close one them.

  8. luckydev says:

    Could you make it fully compatible with Relight add on? I keep having to pause and put either this mod or Relight on top for either to work

  9. Bebecito milo says:

    Oye amigo yo uso un anti lag y Cúad9 pongo tu addon en segundo lugar no me funciona porfavor arreglalo por que si quito el addon de anti lag el juego me explota y quiero usar tu addon muchísimo

    • Bebecito milo says:

      Hey buddy I use an anti lag and When I put your addon secondly it doesn’t work for me please fix it because if I remove the anti lag addon the game explodes and I want to use your addon a lot

  10. Guest-7684992243 says:

    Hi so this is probably weird but i was wondering if anyone would be willing to teach me how to make addons for mcphee it doesn’t matter how long it takes i just can’t find anything on yt or anything :/ if u know how or even just have an app to recommend i would appreciate it 🙂

  11. Keyyard maybe you can update the file link so people can stop posting it in the comments

  12. ElUTR565 says:

    Does it work with wood? Apart from logs

  13. Guest-7495046368 says:

    How do you open the Ancraft link? I’ve entered it in the address bar and it just doesn’t respond.

  14. Guest-5945610533 says:

    this is the most useful addon I have seen recently, I don’t know if this was added on purpose bu if you shift and break a tree without an axe it also breaks the entire tree which is good for first starting off in survival!

  15. Keyyard says:

    That’s a reason why creators get lazier to update stuff, you guys just make we lost alot of money. before saying anything, everyone needs money for their life, if i’m earning enough from this, i can stay at home & do updates stuff for you guys instead of going out for work.

  16. Guest-7129757110 says:

    can you make it easier to download please

  17. Guest-9581849159 says:

    Not all heroes wears a cape

  18. Guest-5218841467 says:

    hello could you make this add-on but instead of a pick ax and make it 3×3 with a diamond pick thanks

  19. Guest-9998651770 says:

    The add was super hard to get past plz use a different way

    • Guest-1656521739 says:

      Can u tell me how you did it cause it does not work for me it just keeps on giving me adds

    • Guest-5752301169 says:

      Hot to get past adfly: first, wait 5 seconds then look at the top right corner, click ‘skip ad’ (and disable your ad blocker or else it wont work) now your on a website that is just blue-coloured, just keep clicking ‘block notifications’ and soon it will reload, that should happen 4 times, then you will get a gray-screen website with some text, it is just saying to never go on fake sites, click the blue text, and you’ll go to mediafire where you press the green button, and get the download started. (-BOOM-)

  20. Guest-6104138026 says:

    gracias bro

  21. Guest-6204137060 says:

    Thanks dude!

  22. Guest-1741487881 says:


  23. Guest-6528191440 says:


  24. someguy says:

    1.14 (◕︿◕✿)

  25. mitsu says:


  26. man with a huge lava lamp says:

    youre an angel. thank you.

  27. Hostel says:

    Porfavor actualicen para 1.13 por favor lo necesito CDXX PERO EN VERDAD

  28. FlamingFugitive says:

    Is there a 1.13 version of treecapitator Mcpe

  29. Victor Hugo says:

    Update plzzzz. Thank you. This mod is amazing.

  30. EnZV12 says:

    pls make in 1.13

  31. NoelXz says:

    Hey Bro, is this work for 1.13?

  32. Anonymous says:

    Demasiados anuncios

  33. Anonymous says:

    The amount of ads I have to sit through is infuriating.

  34. CaptainMaps124 says:

    The addon doesn’t work in MCPE 1.14 beta

  35. Marta says:

    I’ve just tried it and it works perfectly on 1.12 by itself, but when I add another add-on like “Backpacks” it doesn’t, how can I fix it?

  36. TBPG58 says:

    Can I use this addon + 1 more ?

  37. EthanHelliwell says:

    You are copying tree feller addon

  38. Unknown Kid ;-; says:

    This doesn’t work!! I tried getting it but it came to a stupid video. Can you fix this.??? I cant get it now. Whenever I can’t get the download I wanted, I GET REALLY STRESSED >:( . Btw, The
    Answer To The Q. Is Notch. 😀 me today: 😀 this download made me : 😩😕🙁☹️😫😩😫😩😫😩😫😩😫😩😫😩😣😖😣😖😣😖😣😖😣😖😞😞😞😞😞😞😞
    -Sorry if this is offensive. I’m sad. 🙁
    – XxMysticxX

  39. BeeAltaria says:

    Not Found
    Error: The requested address ‘/FOWX2VH5’ was not found on this server.

  40. CaptainMaps124 says:

    [IDEA/SUGGESTION] How about breaking leaves while sneaking breaks the whole patch dropping the sticks and saplings while breaking leaves while sneaking and holding shears breaks the whole patch but it drops the leaf block.

  41. Steve says:

    does this work on the xbox bedrock

  42. Anonymous says:

    I love it, it is the best!

  43. This is one of the greatest addons ever! I love it

  44. Efraim says:

    How to download this addons? Itu really want this addons so much

  45. IffySoulGem says:

    I can run the tree capitator and vein miner on normal worlds. just not on realms and some sometimes they like will they cancel eachother out to where both or just one will not work at all.

  46. Ghostcat5138 says:

    Could you please make the link mediafire because I can’t download and it be much more easy and straightforward with mediafire

  47. Obambulate says:

    fix the link and use Mediafire for downloading because it doesn’t work with the current link. Thanks!

    • Somebody says:

      It uses mediafire. Just press the “I’m not rebot” and wait 5 seconds then press the “continue button” after that wait for 5 seconds again then below that there is a “get the link” button then you will be redirect to mediafire.

  48. HasanTheBeast says:

    Can you make the same addon but you replace wood with ores so it can be veinminer for ores plz that would be awesome for us!

  49. HasanTheBeast says:

    Can you make the same addon but you replace wood with ores so it can be vainminer for ores plz that would be awesome for us!

  50. Jamama says:

    Easily downloaded works perfectly but for some reason I can’t use it on my realm other than that amazing job!

  51. RabbityGamerzHD says:

    Pls Fix the ads,it makes difficult

  52. No1 Fan says:

    Please can someone tell why this doesn’t work on realms

  53. Billy Bob says:


  54. TheEnderAnimations says:

    Idk why but the new version I doesn’t word for me

  55. XStellarSpyX says:

    It’s not letting me download the pack to Minecraft… it just takes me to an “unstable ad site” and it won’t send the the download url. I can’t play it. Can this be fixed?

  56. Kitkatgameryt says:

    Ok so im annoyed mostly because when i add it correctly it can only be that one out on and nothing else because I put another ad on it doesn’t work even with The thing in able so I’m annoyed and please fix

  57. Aydan says:

    Hey @Keyyard, this addon is fantastic! It can be exploited fairly easily though. If you have a flower–or better yet a slime block–you can place it next to the tree in order to instamine it.
    Also, could you update it so you only treecapitate when you are sneaking? If trying to build with logs, you will end up accidentally tearing down the whole building if you break a block.
    Finally, would it be possible to use a similar code setup to make a veinminer of sorts? (set to mine all of the ores of the same type within the area set in the addon’s code)
    If so, could you?

  58. Your Name says:

    When I enter the minecraft and I select the addon it does not appear and has already moved it to the folder

  59. Anonymous says:

    When I enter the minecraft and I select the addon it does not appear and has already moved it to the folder

  60. Drama Niih says:

    Pega na versão ?

  61. YeeterPeter says:

    I cant get to the link, using the free version leads me to after skipping many of those ads i got one where i had to click allow to progress and guess what? the allow notification thing didnt even show up. tbh, i wouldnt have clicked allow anyways

  62. Orange’s help guide says:

    It is downloadable
    To download:
    Verify then close out the “free proxy” tab then wait until the button says “Get link” then close the tab out again and u should see the mediafire

  63. fukthisshit says:

    dont works

  64. Azl says:

    Why i cant download?

  65. Ilya Shcherbakov says:

    Nice job! This is the first tree capitator mod which is working on iOS! Very Good!

  66. Nope says:

    Someone, please upload this to something else.
    1. cannot get the trashy ad revenue thing to send me the real url
    2. crappy ad revenue thing instead of using at least a trusted proxy like adfly

  67. Anonymous says:

    Can you make a zip file for this plz so xbox can get it

  68. Reeeeeeee says:

    Ok can get it to work on private world but not a realm, can you get it to work on a realm please?

  69. CaptainMaps124 says:

    You can break trees faster with a shovel if you break the dirt block under the tree

  70. thegamerboi814 says:

    How do I instal this?

  71. thegamerboi814 says:

    How do you download this?

  72. Hi says:

    I can’t install this

  73. abi says:

    why this is not work for me

  74. Itskyle says:

    Really good, But can you make for ore too?

  75. CaptainMaps124 says:

    Please make leaves break too when breaking a tree so no waiting for sticks and saplings

  76. bigfatlp says:

    Works on my singleplayer world, but not on my realm :(. Also, it doesn’t just apply to trees, it will break any tower of logs you’ve placed if break the bottom log. A little annoying, but ultimately more convenient. Would love if I could get this working in my realm though.

  77. Red says:

    This works fine on single player worlds, but when I upload to a realm, (yes, experimental gameplay is enabled) it just won’t work. Any thoughts?

  78. JonyH says:

    Great mode, but I suggest that this feature be like an enchant on an ax or create an emerald ax for this feature.

  79. MalikMelka says:

    This is great addon, make my easy to chop down tree. If you can, make addon like mine capacitor, so we can mine easily .
    Thanks to your addon GREAT!

  80. Djvb says:

    Hey can you please put this on mediafire ^_^

  81. Ikari Soya says:

    Is this for iOS?

  82. Anonymous says:

    Нет кнопки скачать

  83. BrewardClan says:

    This is amazing shortens tree cutting down times by 90%

  84. madq92 says:

    TNX man!
    please make a mod -Dynamic Lights and Optifine ZOOM! Please!!!

  85. CaptainMaps says:

    Please do this for ores as well…

  86. Anonymous says:

    Why my minecraft dosent support script

  87. imnotkryptic says:

    This… Was a step forward for the modding community for bedrock. Very well done.

  88. HirwrC says:

    It works from the bigger part but when chopping larger trees, the capitator won’t cut whole beam of logs. For example: I want to cut large spruce tree. It consists of four log beams. Cutting first beam, all wood is cut. Cutting second beam, only half of the wood is cut. It seems like it is randomized. I’ll make some further research to give you more info. Otherwise, great idea. We really needed it 🙂

  89. Curssed says:

    this. is. the. best. addon. ever.

  90. MCPEHUB says:

    Why can’t i download this?

  91. Snipin Noob says:

    Great add-on, much needed for bedrock in my opinion. Is their any way to make it take longer to chop the tree for each log you are cutting and deplete the axe’s durability accordingly just because it seems weird cutting 8 logs in the same time it takes to cut one, maybe not make it take as long as it would to cut the whole tree but something to balance being able to chop the whole tree would be cool. Vein-miner coming soon?

  92. rainbowtrout_1991 says:

    This a pretty cool add-on but it also breaks non wooded items too.

  93. Kylia says:

    It didn’t work for me

  94. exo says:

    Now it works perfectly, good work

  95. exo says:

    Doesn’t work

  96. Sean says:

    The download link doesnt work pls fix i really love this

  97. Kristopher says:

    Thank you!!!!! This is extremely useful

  98. Zac says:

    Thank you so much for improving my Minecraft experience. I would recommend making a ruby or emerald mod for amour and tools. Anyways… Keep up the great work!

  99. iflamingq says:

    Really good

  100. Doge_bro632 says:

    I want that

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