Tree Capitator PE

This is likely the most lightweight realistic tree cut down mod out there at the moment as it uses just a few lines of code to execute what previously have seemed a difficult task.

Cutting down trees in Minecraft isn’t currently realistic as chunks of wood are left to float in the air as if gravity didn’t exist.

With this mod you will experience a more realistic way of cutting down trees. By breaking a tree’s wood block any wood above the one being destroyed will also be destroyed.

Creator: MyNameIsAnti

Cutting down a tree

Trees can be cut down using any kind of axe. In this case we used the most effecient axe, a diamond axe.


Breaking the bottom tree chunk of the tree results in the entire tree being destroyed. The only things left to float are the leaves, but they will automatically disappear as they got no wood closeby to keep them growing.



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33 Responses

4.18 / 5 (11 votes)
  1. Guest-4651511349 says:

    This is not a addon is a modpe so You need block launcher

    Esto no es un addon es un modpe para este nescesitas block launcher

  2. Guest-6010115359 says:

    el link no funciona si puedes pasamelo a mi email me ayudarias mucho

  3. Guest-4933639907 says:

    No funciona el link

  4. Fundek says:

    How to download this mod?

  5. Someone says:


  6. tsvetomir says:

    Where do I put this .js file? Usually mcaddon or .mcpack installs automatically on the minecraft windows 10

  7. Merci says:

    Yeah, good mod, but…
    It cut even wood i placed. And it’s annoying. Also when i harvest crops, and for example, when when I have potato next to wood log, and i harvest potato, it harvesting also wood and rest connected wood to it

  8. Dajab says:

    Please make it for iOS

  9. Crosbow says:

    Nasıl indireceğimi bilmiyorum yardım edin

  10. Harris Ho says:

    How do you use it on iOS it doesn’t work

  11. Anonymous says:

    Pls make Windows 10 edition

  12. Anonymous says:

    Por favor ayúdenme, me manda a descargarlo con Dropbox y no entiendo nada en Dropbox

  13. Anonymous says:

    It is amazing

  14. KingClasher66 says:

    Windows 10 mcpe is probably the most confusing thing to mod ever, because Android third-party launcher don’t exist for windows 10. And the PC ones are too high-end for any version of pocket edition (at least 90% of them)

  15. Berhaj_# says:


  16. Angel says:


  17. Harvey says:

    Can u please put in a mcwolrd link because I can’t use drop box

  18. Serengeti says:

    Hey, do you know of any timber mods like this for windows 10 mcpe??

  19. Replete_Mars9 says:

    Is there a.mcworld link?

    • KingClasher66 says:

      Mods are supposed to end in .js preferably, because an add-on cannot suffice, code must be changed, not replaced.

  20. FattyPatty says:

    Is there one for Xbox One?

  21. Hiep says:

    Is there one for iOS?

  22. Anonymous says:

    I don’t want to use Dropbox

  23. Lance the Lumberjack says:

    Great Mod. Props go to MyNameIsAnti. This helped me out alot. It’s the simple things that really make a difference.

  24. therealdonotknow says:

    I was messing around with your mod in survival and noticed that your code can’t tell the difference between tree and logs upon each other. So I made a full revamp of your mod and want permission to post it as an independent creation. I wish to send you an email with the mod text to verify. A response would be gratefully appreciated!

  25. Tah'mee says:

    Does this install as .bin?

  26. Idiamondhatter says:

    How do you install this???

  27. Mick says:

    Works perfectly.

  28. Trent says:

    This mod is awsome

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