Tree Chopper+ Add-on (The LumberJack Update)

Having trouble chopping down your trees? climbing or stacking your blocks just to get those logs?  this add-on is just for for you! you can chop trees using your axe and you can bring the whole tree down and there are 3 new stuff added to this add-on to make it more fun.

This add-on brings a faster way to chop down trees!

You can use any axe to chop down trees.

To chop down a tree you need to sneak first to avoid accidentally chopping down important stuff.

Here is a video of the chopping in action:

Here are the 3  new things that will be added in your game:

1. Cutter Item (Throw-able)

This Cutter item is a throw-able item whenever you throw it towards a log of a tree it would break the whole tree. You cannot retrieve the item when thrown the item also damages mobs and players.

Crafting Recipe:

4x Iron Ingot


3x Cutter

2. Tree Bomb (Throw-able)

This item is named tree bomb if you are asking “can I use this to explode trees and get all the logs?”

Yes and No, this item is literally a bomb it just explodes stuff in a certain radius and it drops the blocks destroyed.

Crafting Recipe:

4x Iron Ingot

1x Gunpowder


Tree Bomb

3. Tree Cutter Block

UPDATE for 1.16: In this video the tree cutter block is no longer a block but still has the same functionality.

This block automatically cuts down trees for you it chops down trees next to this block.

Only for 1.16:

To place the block long tap the screen/right click while holding the tree cutter block item.

  • When placing the block you should be on solid ground and no water or else it would teleport.
  • You cannot stack this block on each other.

Breaking the block:

Interact with the block using any kind of pickaxe or a breaker item from my omnitools addon.

Activating the Block:

When the block has been placed down you would see a red bar that means the block is currently turned off. To turn it on interact with it using a lever.


sometimes it does not break all the blocks in the tree.

Crafting Recipe:

7x Iron Ingot

1 redstone dust

1 dropper


Tree Cutter Block

4. The Lumberjack

The Lumberjack is a new mob that has a work schedule, Work, Store, and sleep.

During the working hours (0-11000) the lumberjack will chop down trees, gather wood and replant saplings that has drop from the ground.

After working hours (11000-12000) the lumberjack will comeback to its home and if there is a lumber chest nearby it will store the gathered wood inside if there is no lumber chest nearby it will go to sleep.

After the storing hours (12000-0) the lumberjack will sleep.

In order for the lumberjack to sleep you need to make a home for it. The lumberjack is like a villager it needs a bell and a bed and it also count as an inhabitant if you are in a village.

If the lumberjack has no home it will proceed to venture off far away.

The lumberjack has also a preferred block to path which is a grass path and the most least preferred block is sand,stone, and bed.

How to summon the lumberjack:

After crafting this item you can proceed to right click/hold the screen with the item in hand.

It will summon the lumberjack.


  • Before summoning have a home ready (beds and a bell).
  • Each lumberjack needs a bed.
  • Have the perimeter of the house enclose so it will not wander far away.

To tell if the lumberjack is working it has a log carrier on its back.

5. Lumber Chest

This is a lumber chest this is use by the lumberjack in order to store logs.

To break the lumber chest you can use any kind of axe and interact with it or use the omnitool breaker.

Crafting Recipe:

You can place it anywhere near the home of the lumberjack or in a forest where the lumberjack likes to go.

Lumberjack storing items in the lumber chest:


Be careful using this add-on when you have a house made out of logs or part of your house are logs. Use these items away from your house because you might accidentally break your house.

Changelog View more
  • Added a small detail in the post about on how to break the lumber chest. 

The Lumber jack Update:

  • Added the LumberJack mob
  • Added the Lumber Chest entity block
  • Can now chop down the newest logs in 1.16 the crimson stem and warped stem.
  • Added a new entity block the loader (kinda  chunk loader) which is experimental and only available through commands.
  • Can now use any kind of pickaxe to destroy the tree cutter block.
  • The addon is now compatible with the new version 1.16.
  • The tree cutter block has been changed into an entity.
  • Added cutter,bomb, and tree cutter block.
  • Improved destroying trees to avoid accidents.


Before playing with this add-on:

  • The world must be on experimental mode


Supported Minecraft versions


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25 Responses

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  1. Gustavo Franco Araujo says:

    Então Mano eu estou na versão 1.16.20 e a textura está invisível os blocos fica no chão mais não aparecem

  2. Guest-2572624860 says:

    Is it at all possible to make the lumber chest empty into a hooper?

  3. Rafdioactivo says:

    It’s a good addon but it needs yo be in the top of behavior AND resource packs, that’s very awkward and makes it difficult to use with other addons

  4. Guest-2269956964 says:

    If you chop tree block without sneaking, then not picking up the block and then sneaking again it will chop down the rest. Other than this it works fine. Works when chopping down in sneaking too.

  5. Guest-8474613903 says:

    It doesn’t work at all I tried all three links but it just saying import started and them failed to import…..

  6. Anonymous says: is just stupid.

  7. Guest-2366211215 says:

    Please make a Godzilla add-on with every Godzilla character. Such as Titanus Behemoth , Mothra , Godzilla , Titanus Methuselah , Rodan , Muto Prime /Hokmuto/Femuto , Ebirah , Destroyah , Ghidorah , Angirus , Shinomura , MechaGodzilla , Orga , 1998 Godzilla , and Kamacuras. If you make this with all everything I asked for with it I will die of appreciation and excitement. Please , I beg you .

  8. Guest-4237195736 says:

    Hi hmm the link not working it’s just go to fishnet not the mediafire link can i have ut

  9. Guest-1419491132 says:

    I cant chopp the trees with any axe, but the rest of the addon works kinda good, Im in 1.16

  10. Guest-7487079977 says:

    How to make on omi tool on Mcpe

  11. Guest-8456145775 says:

    Does this work on Nether Trees?? Warped and Crimson Tree.

  12. Guest-1434659078 says:

    Can this be used for multiplayer?

  13. Guest-3129657680 says:

    Muito bom para cortar árvores rapido

  14. Guest-7763045962 says:

    i cant get the items to work, i use experimental gameplay

  15. Peter Ohoat says:

    He might have copied it but many other people are trying to do the same idea. The Tree Decapitator is one that works, but it doesn’t work on big trees. This addon is great, love the way it cuts down big trees and that it has an automation system!

  16. I think you copied tree feller addon.

  17. Literally just a Vein Miner Addon but on steroids.

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