TreeLogger PE

If there’s one area where Minecraft is missing out the most in terms of realism it must be the gravitional physics. Removing the lowest block of a tree in Minecraft leaves the crown and some of the tree’s stem left floating in the air.

Not only does this affect the realism of the game but it also radically increases the amount of time you’ve got to spend cutting down trees.

TreeLogger PE is an amazing mod which let you realistically cut down trees as you do in real life.

Any of the blocks above the wood block you destroyed will automatically fall down on the ground and be able for you to collect. The leaves are also destroyed and the drop rate of getting saplings and apples is similar to without the mod.

Creator: RhanCandia, Twitter Account

treelogger1 treelogger2

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10 Responses

  1. This says:

    Don’t download gives you virius

  2. Anonymous says:

    No mods

  3. Tech wiz says:

    Try downloading mcpe Addons u can import a zip file and it can turn it into a mcworld file hope that helps you.😀

  4. Caitlyn_Gamez says:

    This I couldn’t get because there is no .McWorld sadly but it looks cool!

  5. Piravinth says:

    Maybe someone who develop a mod where if the lowest block of a tree is chopped, the whole tree and the leaves fall to the ground but you can’t collect it (like in this mod) but you have to cut it down. The player have to run away from the tree after he cut the lowest block or else it might fall on him and decrease his hearts (the tree would fall randomly) . This would be some epic mod if someone is able to make it..

  6. Wondering says:

    I’m downloading mods for my little brother and was wondering if there was a code just like the command mod?

    That’s the code. I was hoping there was something similar.

    • Editor says:

      I assume that you want to load the web address instead of downloading the .js file to your device.

      For this mod the mod creator have chosen not to support such a link.

      However, you can make such a link yourself by following these steps:

      1. Download the .js file here.
      2. Create a free account at GitHub and paste the code into a new file there.
      3. View the code on GitHub as raw code – there you go!

      (I don’t know 100% if those are the exact steps to take as I am not a frequent GitHub user but you get the idea. Basically you just need somewhere to host the .js file, can be at Dropbox, MediaFire or anywhere you like.)

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