TRG Village [Creation]

This is a medieval styled map based on architecture of the 1300s. It’s a really nice map if you like exploring since it includes a realistic medieval town with a big castle in the town center and lots of other structures such as shops and a few hidden features which you may come across while exploring it. It’s a really well made map with many nice details and even some beautiful gardens.

Creators: xXRubyGamersXx, YouTube Channel

The exterior design was done by Jack and the interior was done by John (from the The Ruby Gamers // TRG).

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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36 Responses

4.77 / 5 (31 vote)
  1. BurgerDerp37 says:

    Hey just wondering could I use this map for a minecraft youtube series. I would give you all the required credit. Please reply soon

  2. wsh says:

    Si j’utilise cette map pour une vidéo Minecraft ou autre, celle-ci doit être payée ?!

  3. PixLEngine says:

    Hey! I am planning an RPG-adventure map, Can I use this one? The map will be credited…

  4. Linryan says:

    Can you make this map but without the leaves!

  5. Solinger0815 says:

    Well…. Its avesome !!!!👍

  6. Esteban says:

    I am absolutely AMAZED!!! Nice job dude…. I was hoping if I could use this map, for a Minecraft film I’m making. Just to make sure if it’s okay…


    This Map Is Sooooooo Cool. I feel like the only problem is that I’m playing on an iPad 2 and it doesn’t have that much storage.

    This map is awesome! 😍😄

  8. Steve says:

    It was pretty good i liked it for the most part. If youd like to see more images and others with shaders, vist my twitter account @TheWorldOfMineC. If theres any requests i can do anything youd like just DM me.

  9. Terrell says:

    Pure awesomeness

  10. Jackson List says:

    This map is so cool. I could never build anything like it in my entire life.

  11. squishy628 says:

    AMAZING!!!!! PLEZ MAKE MORE!!!!! 🙂

  12. DaS_PvP_GoDzZ says:

    This build is amazing!
    I like how there are separate sections of land inside the wall.

  13. MannTDC says:

    Hey!!! I loved ur build it was good and now I’m planning to just change ur build so can u give me ur mail so that I could send u the pic of my transformation

  14. KopiandCy says:

    This world is such an inspiration. It is absolutely beautiful. It must’ve taken forever!

  15. Lucas says:

    Love it awesome can you make a school

  16. Nice says:

    Wow it must take you guys forever to make this

  17. Riverdog says:

    This was honestly just a great build with a lot of attention to detail. I appreciate it when creators don’t sacrifice detail just for a larger scale.

  18. Daniel says:

    What is the password for the castle basement?

  19. Ramen says:

    Wo!It covers a big area!Building also has a beautiful appearance!

  20. LucaxFxx says:

    Very cool this map!! 😀

  21. Superman011 says:

    -Spoiler Alert-

    When you. Go down to the castle dungeon there will be a coded door lock

    I guessed the code legit without breaking any blocks. To crack the code and unlock door, code is: 1 3 4 6

    Btw this map is Epic 😀

  22. Etha says:

    What is the passcode to the basement?

  23. TheDarkNinja says:

    I think this is amazing!

  24. enyamily says:

    Whats the password for going under the castle? Thanks nice map

    • TRG says:

      It’s actually hidden near the well, but one of the commenters already found out the code and mentioned it so just look at their comment.

  25. DankMemes says:

    Never understood why/how they do the farms like that.

  26. BREAKFAST says:

    Good job nice map

  27. Arkvelza says:

    To access the basement of the castle, I need to put a passcode in. What is it?

    Also, great map

  28. MCPEChecker says:

    Him looks nice

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