Trimmed Wool Beds

In this pack i have edited the bed textures, all the beds have a texture exactly the same as ALL WOOL colors and they ALL even have an oak trim and legs.Also ALL Beds have been renamed to match the texture.Example: Black Bed = Black Wool Bed, Red Bed = Red Wool Bed

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  1. Changed the thumbnail image to better represent what the pack contains
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The link doesn't work anymore. :(
Dude, all your thumbnails are just the same but dif text!!! thats Call LAZY. but the Pack eh i'll give it a 5
Im not trying to be LAZY, Im just trying to be consistant, so people see my uploads and know they are mine from the picture....Thanks for the 5 stars :)
se ve muy bien, aunque me hubiera gustado que uses las texturas de las camas, sigue siendo fantástico