Trip Trip [Roller Coaster]

Trip Trip is a roller coaster map which takes you through a very trippy and almost hallucinating experience. The swift changes in color patterns and the large variation of such is great and makes a really worthwhile artistic experience.

Afterwards the ride is over we can almost guarrantee you’ll be able to feel a little bit more artistic and inspired yourself to create amazing things. It’s a really cool map and definitely worth a download.

Creator: AtheoCreates

trip1 trip2 trip3 trip4


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11 Responses

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  1. TumblrWolfiie says:

    Sorry About Me Askain’t This Same Quesion On 3 Of Your Maps, But Can You Pretty Please Make This On IOS & MediaFire? Thanks!

  2. Mosiah Perales says:

    Can you make a video tutorial of how get it because I keep getting confused. Great map by the way.

  3. The dead says:

    Can u download this for iOS
    Or if not are u ever going to make it for ios

  4. Nathan says:

    How do I upload it to launcher pro? I have the file I just don’t understand the guide or it doesn’t work pls help thx

  5. britbagley says:

    how do i get this on my phone?

  6. Arthur says:

    Hi little problem with the map is that when I started the map it just spawn me right outside the rollercoaster and idk where the starting point is at lol

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