1526565007: Triple Village Fused to Mesa Mineshaft Seed

Seed ID

Not there
Put The World Type To Old
I’m going to see if this works
No it not work, is old village
Put The World Type To Old
lol you got the anti-spam and commentary mixed up
i never found a village or anything, but i found a surface mineshaft
i never found a village, but i did find a surface mineshaft
On Nintendo switch no village spawns at location its just a grass land
it coz 1.14 java and 1.13 bedrock change every seed so new villages spawn sorry
No blacksmiths.I'm sad.
Have someone have found a jungle?
Did you ever find the jungle biome by chance?
I LOVE IT jk I mean reverse jk <3 keep it up
no blacksmith I prefer a blacksmith 3-2-1 at least 1 but no so I dislike it
Guys if you want to beat the game onthis seed the stronghold is on this coordinate
-1363, 19(the end portal height), -1589
Btw If the 1589 isn't right try -1584
Looks very interesting.
3 villages and not a single blacksmith :'(
i love being modern