Troll Test 3 [Minigame] [Puzzle]

Troll Test 3 is the third installment of the Troll Test map series which is released every year at the 1st of April in time for April Fools. Rage quit is (almost) guaranteed when playing this map as some solutions are extremely illogical. That definitely makes it a very challenging and mind-boggling experience as you never know what to expect next.

Creator: FH_MinerTwitter Account

Map Features

  • All Troll Test maps are combined in one map!
  • Surprise at the end if you complete the map!
  • 10 different trolling levels!

Note from the creator: Hey FH_Miner here! Welcome back to another Troll Test Map! Hey! What will happened if this was played by your favorite minecraft youtubers? Also, Thanks to everyone who participated to share their trolling ideas on the SkyGames Public Discord Server!

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15 Responses

4 / 5 (4 votes)
  1. hi says:

    how to get past level four

  2. Ninjas says:

    Minecraft maps need more mods in them

  3. Foxy02016 says:

    Heya I might be a favorite of someone bc I’m a youtuber so I can livestream this if I am allowed to

  4. jhuztine says:

    how to play in that teach

  5. I triggered trollee says:

    I hate you so much… If you say you need a tutorial for the third game it takes you to the first games main lobby and when you go back it threatens that you’ll have to redownload the map if you keep pressing the button… I figured, what can he do? I pressed it one more time and the game stopped giving me messages. I then went to game mode 1 and when I went behind the command block was gone. Because I will not Ben bossed around by trolls I’m not playing the third game

  6. Nice one bro! Keep it up!

  7. JacobGamer0902 says:

  8. Awesome guy says:

    Boring map he just repeated the first one all over again. Terractota trolling was much better and the pistons r so broken and stuff

  9. Anonymous says:


  10. Jeff says:

    I don’t have Minecraft

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