Tron Bike Mod

Tron is the name of two science fiction movies where the characters are transported to the inside of software. Both movies feature a vehicle known as the Light Cycle and this mod adds the two bikes to Minecraft PE.

Creator: h25062001

How to get the bikes?

Use the Tron (ID: 483) item to spawn the two Light Cycles. You can get it by using the creative inventory or by using the SimpleCommands mod.

There is one yellow and one blue bike.


To mount the bike tap on it with the Tron item. The bike is quite fast and the only way to stop it from driving is to press the sneak button to get off the bike.

Click here to find some Tron skins.


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10 Responses

3 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. epic vinny says:

    can it be for the new nintendo 3ds?

  2. MCPEmaster says:

    100% Good

  3. TheCrystalKing9 says:

    Add the option to download this from an iOS device

  4. Linzy says:

    this dose not download for IOS please make it so you can

  5. HALPMEH says:

    Does dis work fo iOS

  6. JustEnjoy says:

    I can’t download this mod 🙁

  7. Hugo says:

    I love this mod a little bit I just kidding i love it 100 persent

  8. yousif2040 says:

    Its soo cool but it need speed

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