Tropical Craft 2

Tropical Craft 2 (Tropical Beach 2)! New incredible coastlines and rain forests for you to explore! This is an incredible complement you can include in your world. A lot of exploration, smart tropical animals and big trees of different types and cultures!

Some new features are being worked on to further complete this addon, they are incredible novice!

Any problems please contact a developer!

CREATOR (Brasileiro):

CHANNEL (Canal): yBrothers

TWITTER: @GabrielCas29007


Always leave credits !!



What’s new?


– Indian 

– Heron

– Frog 

An incredible new biome! with new structures for exploration!

A warm biome, easily found by the generation and rendering of your world, may be one of the first to be generated upon entering the world.

It has generations of fruit and tropical trees, such as:

– Cashew trees:

– Banana trees:

– Açai palm trees:

– Pineapple Bushes:

When breaking the foliage of such groves you may be able to be determined fruit corresponding that plant! 

The trees have a varied size, from 1 to 30 blocks of height, have blocks to climb!

The woods of all the trees can be talked in the crafting table and used by cynox for decoration !!


Above are the foods you can get in the addon, and next to your name how to get them !!


– Açaí – plant foliage

– Coconut – plant foliage 

– Cashew – plant foliage 

– Banana – plant foliage 

– Pineapple – plant foliage

– Shrimp 2 variants – trades with wandering 

– Açaí cream 

– Shell of crab – drop mob 

– Fish soup 

Items that have no reference to obtain them can be crafted!!

Tropical Fish! The colorful fish of the minecraft itself can spawn in the waters of the tropical biome, in large shoals!


The waters of the tropical biome are crystal clear, both on the outside and inside!


15 new blocks !! among them are respectively:

– Açaí leaves 

– Banana leaves 

– Cashew leaves

– Pineapple bushes 

– Bamboo blocks 

– Açaí log 

– Banana log 

– Cashew log

– Açaí boards 

– Banana boards 

– Coconut boards

– Cashew boards 

– Thin sand 


– Bamboo plants

– Wandering Trader Base 

– Indian Houses

In indian houses, you can find various and useful items chests!

Seed with tropical biome in spawn:


Changelog View more

- Many generation bugs fixed!

- Add-on updated to 1.14!

- Recipes of new corrected woods!

- New replacement tropical biome!

New tree generation optimization (no continuous generation of structures) !!

- Added the heron!

- Added the frogs!

- Improvements made to Indian behavior!

- Removed creatures that conflict with yCreatures addon.

- Several bug fixes.

- Addon works correctly on 1.14 betas.

- Rushed Indians can no longer open doors.

- Bug Fixes!!

- Added Indian 

- Added Tropical Tortoises.

- Added Flamingos.

- Added Monkeys.

- Added Beluga Whale.

- Added Toucan.

- All recipes work correctly!

- Structures had lower spawn.

- Bug missing one or more dependencies when activating behavior pack.

Bug fixes:

-Structures have lower spawn.

-Structures do not generate over the other.

-Tropical biome climate changed to warm.

-Structures no longer generate in other biomes.


-Added coconut trees again!

- More bug fixes!

- Stuctures do not now generate above others as before.

- New name for addo-on: TropicalBeach

- Bug fixes!

- Removed Crabs!

- Removed Coconut trees!


If you have problems with the installation, use the video for assistance:


Supported Minecraft versions


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114 Responses

3.65 / 5 (52 votes)
  1. Guest-1338438371 says:

    This mod will be good for 1.15 but wait until it’s completely released then release because of iOS

  2. Orlando Martinez says:

    Bro. Add sum weapons please! Like maybe a blowgun and poison darts or a bamboo spear? It would be pretty dope

  3. ThatFunnyGuy says:

    Is anybody else having an issue where the Açaí Leaves and Logs have no textures?

  4. Yalokin says:

    Please, add tradings with the Indians. It will be so cool. Maybe we can give them gold, and they can give us bamboo, food, arrows, bows, diamonds and the rarest thing that they can trade it can be totems.

  5. Iridium Sulfate says:

    Love it! the only reason I gave four stars is because im not sure if it works with YFarm/YCreatures or possibly both?

  6. Yug says:

    It’s really good and plz can you make ybirds add-on with their unique animation pleeeease 😀😃🤗

  7. Liv says:

    Download doesn’t work.

  8. Anonymous says:

    The link leads to a older version!Version 1.0.8!

  9. Anonymous says:

    How do you download it?!?! it brings me to a website that forces you to download somethinggg

  10. Dense Spawn Rate says:

    Very good concept but the spawn rate is too dense and thick,every 30 seconds there is a new house/feature spawning everywhere.The density shall be .Otherwise great work.

    • bad link ever says:

      bad link ever why does you dont put a link to media fire because this is not cool because i need to buy premium or do somethings

  11. Dgamer422 says:

    Nice addon, i madded a minigame with youaddon , Thank you

  12. Bruh says:

    Worst download link ever. Just wasted 5minutes.

  13. Lump says:

    Finally it’s Fixed

  14. Noah says:

    Hi the link goes to the media fire download of a previous update. can you please fix this

  15. Blah says:

    Hello.. i really love this addon but there is one problem. im trying to make a modded survival series but the problem is that Both yCandy and Tropical Craft are extremelly common.. i think you should reduce their commoness. other than that its awesome.

    • Blah says:

      also i mean that the candy and tropical craft biomes are too common. they should be rare. less rarer than mushroom island though

  16. Anonymous says:

    This sucks it will not let me get the mod it keeps taking me to a website and it’s not giving me the option to skip the ad

  17. R1mT4j says:

    Can you please make a .mcpack version of this mod

    • Yuri05 says:

      If you go to the file and right click on it, you can hit rename and change the .zip or whatever “.thing” it is and change it to .mcpack.

  18. R1mT4j says:

    Can you please make this mod (Tropicraft) à Mac

  19. anonymous says:

    Hello! I have an iPhone but i don’t know how to download the mod on minecraft. can you help?

  20. anonymous says:

    Hi. I have an IPhone but i don’t know how to download it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Ok this addon is really cool, and I’m not going to complain about the beluga because, well, IT ADDS A BELUGA TO MINECRAFT WITHOUT REPLACING THE DOLPHIN, but I would like to request something. Maybe a common or rissos dolphin to have a truest tropical cetaceon!

  22. Mikail Afridi says:

    In the real world, the in beluga whales only live in Arctic Ocean. So, I recommend you to update the addon so belugas can spawn in frozen ocean biomes.

  23. Anonymous says:

    It would be cool if there was a blender or something and you could make tropical smoothies

  24. AwsomeOcelot says:

    This is a great idea, but beluga whales live in arctic regions not tropical, and the seed you provide to spawn at a tropical biome is very broken, please can you provide a new seed and also can you add crabs back into the addon? Thankyou

  25. Gizan says:

    How to apply this add-on?

  26. Anti-Dumb people mode says:

    Duh,it works for me you just have to wait

  27. Anonymous says:

    I only found the animals and the sweet berries, I looked for all the other promised things but did not accomplish

  28. JG87 says:

    Ok so how does powerdatatech (the website you used to redirect to the download) work??

  29. TheLucky0ne says:

    Can you please make a MediaFire link because the ShortLink360 doesn’t work! And also the mcpemonster link is fake

  30. Isa’s Corner of Gaming says:

    Wish it was compatible with IOS….

  31. Art says:

    Give wing animations to the toucans

  32. Nick the brick says:

    Can you change the link to gloyah please It’s not working

  33. TooCoolForSchool says:

    😭 so sad I can’t download the link never finishes.please just make it go straight to the media fire link 😭

  34. Ariel says:

    Pretty clean mod, but you should consider adding more mobs to the game and readding crabs. Thanks! 😀

  35. Julian Zalewski says:

    The resource pack is “missing dependencies” , can you help me fix this?

  36. Dafahz says:

    When I go to Island my Server Time goes over 1000 killing any mob takes me 20seconds

  37. Banuel103 says:


  38. Nie says:

    Why tree is growing on tree and there is too many structures can you repair this ?

  39. Anonymous says:

    Why i haven t any mobs and food

    • the food and items you should get through the commands / give @p (item), since the mobs are not present in the addon, will be added in future updates, you can also get comjdas to craft!

  40. Rexctnice says:

    Why the addon doesn’t work?

  41. Monkees1963 says:

    You know….some people would like a link that ACTUALLY WORKS!

  42. Ka50 gaming says:

    Hey, why so many bugs with generating water in biome. But addon is amazing!

  43. Brian L Yang says:

    When I tested this mod in Bedrock, the seed didn’t work and most of the new features didn’t show up in my game. The only thing from this mod that even appeared was the crab, and its name was spelled very weirdly ( or something similar to that). I’ve tried using this mod on experimental gameplay, and it still didn’t work apart from the crab addition that I just mentioned earlier.

    • The mod has to be used in the 1.12 versus, so that it works properly, p error in the name was because we did not make the crab in the language of the English, but now all these bugs were fixed, you can try again … using Versa 1.12 or higher that is

    • the mod has to be used in version 1.12 above, so that it works correctly, error in the name was because I did not do translation for the crab in the English language, but now all these bugs have been corrected, you can try again … using version 1.12 or bigger than that, can it be?

  44. Someone says:

    In multiplayer only the host can eat food, I don’t know why, if I use this with other mods that add food, only I can eat the food and not others playing with me, but vanilla food items can be eaten.

  45. BloodStrikes says:

    My friends can’t eat the food. But I can.

  46. Imnoobbutawesome777 says:

    Add more fish mobs like goldfish,koi or bluetsng,moorish idol dolphins sharks even stingrays,jellyfish,octopus custom clownfish or may add more fish mobs and make a fish addon

  47. Anonimouso says:

    Você poderia colocar alguns outros tipos de biomas tropicais ex:tropical semiárido

  48. Imjustawesomeyehmeis88888 says:

    Hmmm You mabe add more tropical fish mobs like yellow tang,moorish idol,lion fish,star fish,octopus,even shells can be good pls add this one i love fishes and dont forget to add goldfish,koi or even dory bluetang add a janitor fish and a sting ray wish you add this mobs…

  49. CRABLOVER2.0 says:

    Why did you remove crabs? They were the best with the addon!!please add them back😭

  50. HeckoTheGecko says:

    Truly epic addon

  51. Anonymous says:

    We ios users are waiting for it to be compatible with 1.11

  52. PedroRick says:

    Porque retirou os carangueijos e coqueiros estava otimo então por favor adiciona de volta e adiciona novos MOBS

  53. Cthulhu Warrior says:

    what’s the point of this addon the only new mob you added YOU REMOVED AND PLUS THE TEXURES ARE BAD!!!! Just add some type of new mob and re add crabs!!!!

  54. Dickenz says:

    Every time I try to download the link or whatever it keeps bringing me to Captchas websites. Can someone help me out?

  55. AquaticJacob says:

    Make it look less messy but I like it and add more mobs too. And make pineapple bushes more like berry bushes. But you don’t half two. I’m Just giving advice.

  56. AquaticJacob says:

    Can you add any new mobs

  57. Jay says:

    Cool but how do you download on iPad

  58. Xaddie says:

    this addon is absolutely amazing! there are a lot of things to improve on this addon, though. overall, the idea is awesome 4 stars 4 u!

  59. The rat says:

    How do you work this

  60. Anonymous says:

    Do you use experimental gameplay?

  61. person says:

    The seed didn’t work, but the crabs were there.

  62. End Crafter 16 says:

    I found a bug the names are all messed up like instead of saying fine sand it side find.sand.dead.tropical?

  63. Alex says:

    It works I just dont lime how the Indian houses spawn a lot I was playing and there was 3 right next to each other please fix the spawns and also it is good

  64. SophIsDeBest says:

    For those of you who can’t download, don’t press the download now button always press the button below it, if you do this correctly you should have to answer two CAPTCHAS before it takes you to the media fire link. Hope this helps!

  65. Beam says:

    Oh! I forgot again why don’t you add seagull.

  66. Beam says:

    Oh! I forgot why don’t you add iguanas too.

  67. Beam says:

    Add sharks, shrimps and lobsters please

  68. SamIAm says:

    Can’t even download this, it keeps bringing up ads and captchas and never the item. Good luck to anyone who tries, it looks cool tho.

  69. Zach says:

    Noice job mate!

  70. Jamir says:

    Add Monkeys Please because they’re tropical animals

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