TRP Photorealism (1024×1024)

The first stable photorealism pack in Minecraft Bedrock Edition, This pack requires at least 2 GB of RAM for proper operation and is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 10

This pack includes new blocks although not all the blocks have been changed yet, several blocks have already been changed and many more blocks will soon be changed although that will be over time, I also recommend that the texture terms and conditions be read pack and keep in mind that the pack is in development7

NOTE: Do not install this texture pack if you have less than 2 GB of RAM or an old processor, and disable all textures you have, another recommendation is that you install Optifine PE for better texture quality and more fluidity when playing Minecraft with the pack placed, and do not install the pack as .mcpack on Android, there is a high risk of failure, install it as .zip

(No include shaders)

TRP Photorealistic 1024×1024 the first 1024×1024 stable texture pack in Minecraft Bedrock, a solid pack that offers good quality with good optimization at the same time, this pack you can enjoy in a stable way with 2 GB of RAM on mobile devices and computers at the same time, this pack Unlike others of higher quality it is playable on mobile devices in a stable way, although it is recommended not to play it on a device less than 2 GB of ram since it can give many failures the pack, this pack is free code so its free distribution and modification.

This package also offers high compatibility in mid-range to high-end devices, this pack also offers a good experience even if the texture pack is not finished yet, so that there are no inconveniences I recommend you read the license of the pack

Licence of TRP Photorealistic

You can modify it and distribute it freely, if you want to make a variation of it you can do it without any problem.

If you do not want to leave credits, you are entitled, the pack has a free license and will never cost and you can do whatever you want with the.

It is not mandatory but I recommend that you do not use a link with advertising even if you are in full right to modify it, resubmit it or place the shorteners you want and if you want to modify the credits or add part of the pack to your own pack you are in all your right to do what

We recommend leaving credits to the pack even if you are not required to do so, although you are reminded that the pack is in beta, so it is not yet completed..

Blocks Changed

– Grass, Snow

– Sand, Gravel

– Bookshelf, Glass

– Tallgrass

– Obsidian

– Stone, Cobblestone

– Brick, Stonebrick, Oak Leaves

– Furnance, Lapis Lazuli

– Wood and Quartz

Changelog View more

- I have added a new link with the .mcpack format, this link is exclusive for people who have Windows 10 and iOS, it is not recommended to use it on Android as it can cause errors

- I have added new information to the downloads

- I have added extra information to the pack


For Android User: Extract the .zip and copy it to: games/com.mojang./resouracespacks and and extract everything

For Windows 10 Users: Rename the file as .mcpack and install it

For iOS Users: (Require at least iPhone 8): Rename the file as .mcpack and install it

(NOTE: No instales el pack como .mcpack en Android, es altamente probable que falle o se vea de mala calidad, te pido que lo instales como .zip)


Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13

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62 Responses

3.03 / 5 (30 votes)
  1. LAgamer says:


  2. Guest-6490778493 says:

    Can we just appreciate that he allows you to modify it freely? Props to him, if i ever do im sure to credit him

  3. Guest-5229824447 says:

    Bro chill he appreciates his hard work but he will more appreciate if he make it 1.14 why are you angry it’s his opinion don’t be rude I’m being polite I’m sorry

  4. Guest-1675401431 says:

    please make a 1.14 version i will make it 5 star if you make 1.14

  5. Guest-4432776894 says:

    Hi guys I am cool lol and 69. Edit: Nice

    Oh by the way there are no edits.

  6. Guest-8084495889 says:

    Can’t Import it to mcpe T_T

  7. Sparkleboy says:

    It says invalid archive when i import to minecraft

  8. Guest-2117744079 says:

    Thank god! A download that does have those stupid ads! 👍

  9. Guest-6454480208 says:

    When I double-click the mcpack it says that its not a valid zip archive?

  10. Guest-9666377907 says:

    I’m a windows 10 user. it says it has a duplication which it does not. I have never downloaded this before please fix this bug.

  11. ShootingJigr says:

    The grass looks so bad, it’s like a tv broken but green

  12. Dylan Hagemeier says:

    I have an Xbox one s, whenever I start a game with this texture pack the game crashes. Please help

  13. Anonymous says:

    This texture-pack isn´t finished.

  14. Sg says:

    The packs really great. I lobe it. But its runs at 10 fps.
    Expected that on my samsung j2 2018 with sd 425 and 2gb ram.

  15. StormHunterXX says:

    Does not work Windows 10. Please fix

  16. Anonymous says:

    Optifine PE???

  17. akosidogie says:

    the textures are really good. please fix some textures that not allign equally on block and please add more textures on next update and fix the “low memory detected textures will be decreased” even on my 4gb ram

  18. Alex says:

    Awesome texture pack, I’m on xbox and this is a dream come true. I’ve noticed that the textures are blurry until you get close to them, though. Is that something that can be fixed? I hope you do the water texture next, since it’s also another common “block”. Again, amazing!

  19. andres torres says:

    keeps saying not a valid zip archive

  20. Niccolò says:

    Wow this textur is beautiful

  21. DemonicGamer145 says:

    Everytime I try to open the file it says it’s corrupted please try again then I redownload it and it still happened idk if the Xbox can hand it lol 😅

  22. Anonymous says:

    Doesn’t let me download this to Minecraft on the mc pack for ios

  23. nada says:

    where can I get the shader used in the pictures?

  24. Anonymous says:

    Will this pack have all the textures done I have just installed this on my xbox and it looks fab very good detail just missing a load of other blocks mobs water sky etc

  25. Creator13Gaming says:

    This pack looks really good but when I try to change it into a zip file it gets a sort of corruption error and so I can’t get it on xbox. I even tried downloading it onto my laptop first to edit the files and got the same error when trying to convert it. If you could fix that it would be great

  26. Kocheng oren says:

    Why crash?

  27. Mario says:

    Hi, how did you make to show the FPS en the top right corner?

  28. GmD says:

    Looks good close up but get blurry when I move farther away from the textures.

  29. Oof says:

    Download doesnt work on ios

  30. E404NNF says:

    The resource pack is great
    But when I join a world using the resource pack it says “low memory, Textures have reduced level of detail”.
    I have a Xiaomi Redmi 7 with 3gb of ram
    Any fix?

  31. Cedric Digg says:

    your great

  32. Anonymous says:

    Hey the Windows 10 keeps getting an error “Not a Valid Zip File” Hope to see a fix for this soon

  33. jacpack says:

    How to you have your fps showed ?

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