T+S Hardcore Addon

The TS Hardcore Addon aims to make Minecraft in hard mode survival even more difficult than what it already is by increasing the underwater breathing limits and drastically change the attack damage for both the player and mobs in-game. In the future you are likely going to see more changes to the game functionalities. Let’s see how long you can survive..

Creator: TSTricor, Twitter Account
Updated: 23 January, 2018 (read changelog)


Don’t go for any long swimming adventures. You will now drown much quicker underwater.


You can no longer hit mobs with just your hands. To attack one will need some kind of tool, preferably a weapon. But even then your attack damage have been decreased by twice.

All of the mobs have had their attack damage doubled. The result of this obviously makes it much more difficult to survive.


In a future update to come you might not even be able to respawn in the same world again.

Recommended: We highly recommend to set the difficulty to hard to take advantage of some of the built-in difficulty features in Minecraft as well as those in this addon.


  • Max player XP level is now set to 40
  • Zombie, Wither Skeleton, Zombie Pigman and Zombie Villager are all much faster
  • Mobs drop less loot


iOS / Android / Windows 10 / Other:

  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Add the behavior pack for a world in-game (don’t forget to set difficulty to hard!)

Click here to download a .ZIP file for this mod.

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17 Responses

4.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Tsvetomir says:

    Am on Windows 10 version and getting a warning “missing dependencies” and the new world just doesn’t start…

  2. Geovany says:


  3. RealKalelNew says:

    Nice! I now feel like I am in Java Edition cause of these features, also I could also use this for UHC Games in my world. Thank you for this addon 🙂

  4. fishyboopkins says:

    heh, deleted herobrine, thats a tradititon eh?

  5. superspider3500 says:

    “Removed Herobrine” Is that a reference to that joked feature in the bottom of every major update with the same exact words?

  6. HarrisonWx says:

    You will never be able to respawn in the same world meant to be that you cannot respawn except for using spectator which was also added in the mod

  7. Ethan says:

    By the “you may never be able to spawn in the same world again” quote, do you mean that in the future of this addon, it will make the player have 1 life?

  8. Frostbyte3YT says:

    If i can make one addon like this. I will make no more swimming underwater spawn with mobs die faster and fall faster 10x

  9. RealRusty590 says:

    This addon is the best!!!
    I love it so much, it also goes with my Survival Quest!!!! Thx for it!!!!!!

  10. Austin says:

    Hey do you mind if I can can include this into my map. I’ll, of course, add you in the maps credits.

  11. Harrison says:

    Need more addons like guns add on

    • TSTricor says:

      Gun addons are very limited atm. My only thought is changing the eggs, snowballs,and bow to gun textures and making it so the sounds are different. i MIGHT make a gun addon if my thing i have atm gets to 300 shares. Or maybe earlier. Have a nice day!

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