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Published on February 22, 2021 (Updated on February 22, 2021)

TTT/Among Us-Esk Mystery Murder Map

This is a map I just decided to cobble up out of the blue one day, I had inspiration from Among Us and TTT, hence the title. It ain't the prettiest or most functional but it gets the job done and its a great deal of fun

What it Has

  1. Piston Foolery (mostly doors)
  2. Mild Tasks: Flip switches task done (note: someone must keep track of tasks, it does not auto-end, chat will show what's been done
  3. Sabotage: Lights and others tasks can be sabotaged, no safeguard to prevent innocents from sabotage, all are near each other
  4. Meetings: button calls meeting, tp command used
  5. Mild Commands: start round, cheats, /say, etc...
  6. hidden rooms: (;
  7. waiting room after death
  8. vents, not safeguarded

What it does not have

  1. Complex commands
  2. Safeguards
  3. Set rules, do as you wish rule wise
  4. Complex Redstone 
  5. Crystal Clear instructions: basis is lined out, you can figure the rest out.


IDK, just run on  ver. specifications or later

it should run on mobile , if you can play on servers, you can definitely play this


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