TTW Shader

The Thin White Shader

It is a realistic shader whose main function is to run on most low-end devices, with realistic shadow, soft lighting and impressive skies. Support for mid-low range phones

This Shader tries to give a new elegant and realistic look to Minecraft, try to optimize it by avoiding changing textures so that it can run on most devices.
  • Realistic Shadows

  • Soft Lighting

  • Plastic Blocks
  • Realistic Night
  • Nether Beatiful

This Shader is inspired by others, I am new to this shader creation, I will try to fix the mistakes.

Say in the comments if it doesn’t run on your device

In case of errors notify in the comments, your downloads are an inspiration to continue creating content.

Changelog View more
  • Errors in the mobs repaired
  • More polygonal shadow
  • More transparent water


Supported Minecraft versions

1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)

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32 Responses

4.5 / 5 (10 votes)
  1. Guest-4732070189 says:

    One of my favorite shaders on MCPEDL
    But is it possible that you have a version that doesnt change the textures of the portal and rails?
    I use rails and portals as a decore in some of my builds so having them be invisible makes things a bit difficult. It’s ok if you dont, thanks though!

  2. Guest-7963759213 says:

    Amo el shader buena illurito por fin encontré uno que me gusta el problema es que con la nether update los cerdos zombie siguen igual no como los piglin zombificados puedes arreglarlo pronto? Gracias!

  3. Guest-6636862819 says:

    it didnt work on pc

  4. Guest-8235597589 says:

    Really lovely shader that isn’t hard on the phone 💖

  5. Guest-3726147215 says:

    i like it because its simple and dosent lag. but the water is a little to clear so can u make it more blue please?

  6. Guest-6391452798 says:

    burtle the skurtle spawne and oofes me

  7. Guest-4793114610 says:

    I downloaded and it didn’t work. The blocks never loaded in. Did I do something wrong

  8. Guest-8536394484 says:

    Can you make the rain not affect the shadows?

  9. MrCamper1999 says:

    there is no shader in window 10 its just sky with sin and moon and the lava have a birght yellow color thats it

  10. MrCamper1999 says:

    there is no shader in window 10 its just sky with sin and moon and the lava have a birght yellow color thats it …

  11. Guest-3843168197 says:

    Can you add realistic player shadow?

  12. Guest-5884799897 says:

    you forgot to add a download link with the windows 10 shaders both links are for mobile right now

  13. Guest-9387814864 says:

    can u make an xbox shader?

  14. awsome229 says:

    This is one of the best shaders I have found! There is practically no lag!! I have a kindle fire HD8 and any shader I get it is ssuuppeerr laggy!

    One thing to help with the lag is get a shader that takes away the fog!

    Overall good job!

  15. XcunS2 says:

    i downloaded the windows 10 version and doesn´t work

  16. Guest-2058972932 says:

    Because Xbox is render dragon and no one knows how to make shaders on it

  17. Guest-2789009880 says:

    why isn’t there any xbox shaders?

  18. Guest-2789009880 says:

    why isn’t there any xbox shaders?

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