Turkey Boss

Hunt Turkey, gather resources, survive, and finally fight the Turkey Boss!! Basically in this mod, you are a pilgrim and you must get your prey, Turkey. This Mod adds 3 new turkeys, 3 new food, 3 new weapons, and 2 new items. Use these resources to your advantage and win the war.

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 Have you ever wanted more of a challenge in Minecraft? Well if so you’re in luck, this mod adds a completely new concept to your game. This Mod adds 3 new turkeys, 3 new food, 3 new weapons, and 2 new items that can be crafted or will spawn naturally. I will go over everything in detail below.

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Make sure you have experiments on or nothing from this mod will work.


There are 3 different turkeys and those are Peaceful Turkeys, Hostile Turkeys, and the Turkey Boss. I will explain each turkey in detail personally below.

Peaceful Turkey

These turkeys will spawn naturally in 3 different places, you can tame these turkeys, but they will automatically try to avoid you.


  • Health: 12
  • Exp: 10
  • Move Speed: 0.25
  • Size: 1


You can find these turkeys in forests, plains, and swamps. You can tame these turkeys with seeds and then they will follow you. They can also be named. These turkeys will try to avoid players and wolves. These turkeys are also immune to fall damage.


  • 1 Raw Turkey    
  • 1 Turkey Feather or Turkey Beak    
  • 1 Turkey Beak or Turkey Feather  

Hostile Turkey

This Turkey will not spawn naturally, but the Turkey Boss will summon them. These turkeys are very cruel, as they attack almost everything.


  • Health: 17
  • Exp: 90
  • Move Speed: 0.35
  • Size: 1.25
  • Damage: 5


These Turkey will attack as a team doing tons of damage quickly! When summoned by the boss they will protect the boss with their life. They are also immune to fall damage. In an army, these turkeys are almost unstoppable. Can anybody beat this Boss?!?


  • 1 Raw Turkey    
  • 1 Turkey Feather or Turkey Beak  
  • 1 Turkey Beak or Turkey Feather   

Turkey Boss

This Boss won’t spawn naturally but you can craft a spawn egg! This is probably the strongest boss. It can beat the ender dragon and the wither. Can anybody beat this Boss?!?


  • Health: 400
  • Exp: 1000
  • Move Speed: 0.39
  • Size: 4
  • Melee Damage: 15
  • Range Damage: 17


This Boss normally doesn’t attack himself, he normally just spawn Hostile Turkey, but if you get to close it will attack you himself. He can do tons of damage quickly. Sometimes he might attack you with his minions if he does that he can almost kill the player.


  • 20 Raw Turkey!     
  • 10 Diamonds   
  • 7 Netherite   
  • 5 Turkey Feathers or Turkey Beaks  
  • 5 Turkey Beaks or Turkey Feathers  
  • 1 Turkey Power    


There are 3 different food and they are all obtainable. The 3 foods are Raw Turkey, Turkey Dinner, and Turkey Power. I will explain each food in detail below.

Raw Turkey

Raw turkey can be obtained by killing any turkey, as each turkey drops this. It is not a good food to eat as the effects it gives you are very negative.

  • Nutrition: 4
  • Saturation: Normal


  • Hunger: 3
  • Nausea: 4
  • Weakness: 3

Turkey Dinner

Turkey Dinner is obtainable by smelting Raw Turkey. It’s really good food for trying to heal quickly and say full for a while.

  • Nutrition: 10
  • Saturation: Normal

Turkey Power

Turkey Power is really good. With it, you can stand up to the boss. The Crafting is expensive though. It is obtainable by crafting it.

  • Nutrition: 7
  • Saturation: Normal


  • Absorption: 15
  • Health Boost: 50
  • Jump Boost: 10
  • Regeneration: 2
  • Resistance: 1
  • Speed: 7
  • Strength: 3



This Mod adds 2 obtainable items and those are Turkey Beaks and Turkey Feathers. I will go over each item in detail below.

Turkey Feathers

These feathers are obtainable and are a very important item for crafting things that this mod adds. You can gain these feathers by killing any type of turkey but you may get a beak.


  • Can be used to make a medieval bow
  • Can be used to make a spear
  • Can be used to make a boss spawn egg
  • More uses in the future!!

Turkey Beaks

These Beaks are also obtainable and it is also a very important material. You can gain Turkey Beaks by killing any turkey but is a very rare drop.


  • Can be used to make a spear
  • Can be used to make a boss spawn egg
  • More uses in the future!!


This Mod adds 1 melee weapon and 2 ranged weapons and those are the spear, medieval bow, and the boss summon egg.


The spear is the strongest melee weapon you can get, doing 9 damage! You can craft this weapon and you can see how below.


  • Damage: 9
  • Durability: 500
  • Health while holding: 22


Medieval Bow 

This bow is a lot stronger than a regular bow but doesn’t have too much range. Having a quick cool down you can do good damage quickly. You can craft this weapon and see how below.


  • Damage: 13
  • Power: 8
  • Gravity: 5
  • Cooldown: 3


Boss Summon egg

With this weapon, you can summon the boss. This can be used as a troll to trick your friend. But its main use is to summon the boss so you can fight the boss. This item can be crafted and see how below.


  • Damage: 7
  • Power: 1.5
  • Gravity: 0.03
  • Cool Down: 80000



Raw Turkey cooking on a campfire

Raw Turkey Smelting in Furnace

After eating Turkey Power

Turkey Power effects

Peaceful turkey in the wild

Hostile Turkey attacking Peaceful Turkey

Turkey Boss rampaging

All Weapons

All Items

All spawn eggs

All Food

If you find any bugs please report them here

Realm Server

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If these rules are broken report the problem in the Bug reports form below!

  • Please be nice!
  • Only spawn the 1 or 2 Turkey Bosses at a time.
  • Don’t kill other players.

Coming soon

Next update!

  • More uses for items this game adds!
  • New Pilgrim NPC that you can trade with and fight turkey with.
  • New Belt gear
  • Acorn trees
  • And More!!!!

Community and Terms of use

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  • If you make anything public to the world please credit the Primary Gamers.
  • Please contact the Primary gamers somehow if you have any suggestions, bugs update ideas.

Changelog View more
  • Added a tutorial Video
  • Added new realm server in Beta
  • Added more sneak peeks for the next update!

Added some grammar fixes and a sneak peek for what's coming next update.

Added Crafting recipe screenshot for Turkey Power and on top I said make sure to turn on experiments.


Download the .zip or .mcworld below. If you're having any trouble watch these. 




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  1. The Orespawner says:

    I like the idea of crafting boss spawners and crafting items from their drops much like in terraria. Also P L E A S E change the turkey beak textrure. It looks very out of place and is cut of weird so please make a custom one. Also i feel like the medieval bow needs a less edgy texture but its still overall good.

  2. I have an update pending for the Turkey Power crafting recipe and for those of you where the mods not working make sure to put experiments on.

  3. qwertyman22 says:

    why wont it work when i spawn into the world nothing happens and no turkeys spawn please help me btw awesome mod concept i hope you get this soon i really want to play this it sounds so fun.thanks

  4. Unlost Thunder says:

    You didn’t mention how to craft turkey power. Please mention it. By the way, the addon was quite interesting

  5. ITSLLOGO says:

    how to craft the turkey power

  6. I hope you all enjoy this mod. I took me a while to finish it up. If you find any bugs you can report it.

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