Tweaked and Alternative Shield Resource Pack!

Hey! I’m AlanHappy648 and this is my first post on mcpedl, so i wanted to use a simple and tweak texture for my first submission, here is it! The alternate shield texture pack! This texture features a tweaked and different shield, using a vanilla planks texture for it.

So yeah, this is just a tweaked shield, i even made a pixel art for example! But if you’re not satisfied with this i have the shield in-game!

 This is how it should look in you main hand

and this is an example of how it looks offhand, like most of people use it!

how did i make this texture?

Making this was kind of easy, i used one of my favorite plank texture and got that texture into the shield

I wanted to have a different shield in Minecraft, this was actually for personal use, but i think it really could be a nice texture to share in mcpedl, so if you like it, tell me how it looks in the comments!

So, this is my first submission, i hope you like it! Also i used a direct link, so yes, its easier to download!

My name is AlanHappy648, the redstone boi, and goodbye!


Just click the link, it should get you to mediafire, its a direct link!


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8 Responses

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  1. HgVN23 says:

    Simple but cool! Keep up! Waiting new thing from you 😉

  2. DiehardZeek says:

    Keep it up and you might be able to make something lark StarkTMA

  3. AwesomeSauce3000 says:

    I love this shield texture! Keep up the good work 🙂

  4. Tymeless3631 says:

    Hey man, this looks really awesome! Would you mind if I used this texture in my resource pack if I credit you? Thanks!

  5. I pretty much like that! Looking foward with your other posts!

  6. Rol_ says:

    Looks really nice!

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