Twilight Forest Addon (Map)

In this map you will be able to explore a twilight forest which is the home to many strange creatures and also a completely redesigned Nether with twilight monsters. There are tons of new things to explore (mostly textures though) and we highly recommend you to download it yourself to fully immerse yourself in this crazy experiment!

This map and addon was mostly created as a concept or an idea for a new type of dimension in Minecraft PE. But it should be noted that the majority of textures and models originates from a popular mod for PC called The Twilight Forest.

Creator: Goreckicraft123Twitter Account
Credits: Benimatic (creator of The Twilight Forest mod for PC)

What have been replaced?

In and around the twilight forest you will find lots of strange mobs. Let’s have a brief look at them.

The cows and mooshrooms have got a new set of horns.


Bats have been replaced by beautiful butterflies.


The sheep look like Alpina ibex (also known as steinbocks) and have curved horns. The pig has been replaced by a bison. And the horse have been replaced by a deer.


Getting chased by a tree, that gotta be a first time! Iron golems look like the Ents from The Lord of the Rings. They will not move unless they are attacked.


Wolves have been replaced by bears. They are supposed to be able to be tamed with fish but I couldn’t get it to work.


This is what the portal looks like which you need to enter to get to the Twilight Forest in the PC mod. If you enter through it in this map you will come to a strange version of the Nether with twilight mobs.


Here you can see some of the mobs appearing in this strange version of the Nether.


All of the wool blocks have been replaced by colored wood planks. However, it’s just the textures which have been replaced. The blocks will still have the same behaviors as wool (such as sound and time it takes to break it).


The nether reactor core have been replaced by a lucky block. Break it with a pickaxe and it will spawn a bunch of diamonds (which are actually iron ingots) and red emeralds (which are in fact diamonds).


The melon has been replaced by honeycombs.


Here you can see some other block textures which have been replaced. The purple ones are blocks found in the End but it’s actually quartz blocks.


There some more things which have been replaced but those I will let you explore by yourself!


iOS / Android / Windows 10 / Other:

This addon works only to download as a .McWorld file. It has a file size of more than 50 MB and as a result it can take a long time to download. But it all depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

  1. Download .McWorld
  2. It should be automatically imported on iOS and Windows 10. If you are using Android you will need to use ES File Explorer to import it (just tap on the file in your Downloads folder to import it).

Click here to download a .ZIP file (includes a world folder with resource pack and behavior pack)!

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130 Responses

3.32 / 5 (22 votes)
  1. I'm like hey wassup hello says:

    And i oop- it won’t download..

  2. RoBunnySKZ says:

    Don’t get me wrong it looks really cool but it’s quite buggy, the animals skins got really distorted and the ground has flashing patches on it. You can’t access your inventory and can’t go into creative mode to see any of the items, after going past a lighthouse like structure, the screens starts freaking out, the portal takes you to a dimension full of distorted horses and purple water and the only way to get out of it is drowning. This could be an amazing map but it just needs to be fixed.

    • NoJoTo says:

      This map was a very early addon, and was created around 3 years ago. I doubt the creator will update it. I remember playing it back when it still worked, and I had fun. Back then it was pretty amazing seeing this.

  3. Brittney says:

    It won’t let me download keeps taking me to a page with a random video

  4. Jake says:

    It is terrible no inventory I spawn in the woods when I go through the portal it takes me to the maze with Minotaur and there is nowhere else to go

  5. Harrison Walczyna says:

    I have a couple of things to tell u mr editor

    1 – They are rubies and not red emeralds
    2 – Did u use unobtainable items addon to get the core and glowing obsidian
    3 – Why cant we get the addon by itself
    4 – It is very outdated i remember last playing it years ago and everything turns into a glitched version of pe alpha with coding bugs
    5 – I cloned the world and edited it slightly i.e. it now contains a hole in the brick bridge
    6 – Are there any features of this ripoff that dont exist in the original twilight forest
    7 – Could u plz tell me what blocks are replaced by what blocks

  6. Anonymous says:

    Every time I open the app it and try to get on the world the app crashes

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey there!!! I downloaded this addon on my phone ((Which is an IPhone 6)) but when I go into Minecraft ((P.E)) it freezes when I press on the world, then logs me out! Could somebody help please?!?!

  8. Vic says:

    It ont let me to the world and i have great wifi!?!? 😤

  9. Anonymous says:

    don’t work in windows 10 T.T

  10. Zenjo.oh_Sama says:

    You predicted prismarine stairs

  11. Lol says:

    Its outdated because of the nether reactor core

  12. Nyroc900 says:

    Whenever I try to download I tap on the download button and it just reloads the page and dose not bring me to: open in MineCraft

  13. Reanna says:

    What the heck this dosent work uhh

  14. Crush says:

    PlZzzzz fix it I’m on Minecraft pocket edition and I downloaded it but before I can get into it it freezes and the screen crashes

  15. John says:

    this is not that great. I open the map and it just crashes. Sometimes it freezes. Please fix this.

  16. Jace says:

    When I get this it doesn’t show it on minecraft I checked my worlds and realms but it’s not there I did the portal it domsemt work and I really want to see it

  17. Raptor_1 (Gabriel) says:

    1. It crashes when I try to enter the world
    2. Vexes are in Minecraft already
    3. The red emeralds are rubies and should replace emeralds
    4. You should replace polar bears with bears, not wolves
    5.Purpur blocks came to Minecraft

  18. marcus says:

    why is minecraft crashing?

  19. FOREVERbanana says:

    Mine just stops working and crashes

  20. LOOK AT THIS DUDE says:

    IT IS STUPID there is no inventory,the settings are stupid,and it’s just suuuuuuuuppppppppeeeeeerrrrrrrrrr borrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnnnnggggggg

  21. Johannk manlangit says:

    Did you use the big game hunter mod?

  22. Anonymous says:

    Does this work for 1.2

  23. TK-6606 says:

    This is really cool!!

  24. Lilla says:

    Plz update! I love this, but since the nether reactor core is gone you can’t get lucky blocks🙁. Maybe have the (now useless) stone cutter be a lucky block?

  25. Ella chapman says:

    i finished the download and imported the world it was almost done then my minecraft exited
    please help what do i do?

  26. Xerosirv says:

    It takes a crazy Long time

  27. BlueberrySans says:

    I’ve already played this before, and I REALLY want to play on it again. Pls update it!

  28. Notch says:

    look like 0.12.0 and 1.0.0 The Uptdate Only!

    • Lord_Drakostar says:

      Dude. Nobody thinks ur Notch. Give up already (fore those of u who will be like that’s just his username, he’s done this before he is trying to make pople think he’s Notch. Norch lol typo Notch + Torch = Norch lol.

  29. Unknown says:

    I like it but it’s just that I don’t know how to activate the portal 😞

    Help me please idk how to activate it 🙁

  30. AlohaMae:3 says:

    How do you get a portal?

  31. DannyBoy says:

    Can you make it just a resource pack and behavior pack? (Without the map)

  32. Norizham bin Abdul Razak says:

    Hey creator every time I go into the portal my game crashes and I’m iOS can you pls fix

  33. Thomas says:

    Make a seperate mcpack and mc behaviour pack and a map pack plsss 🙁

  34. Luna says:

    I tried to get this on here a while back and it woudnt work so I got it on a app but for some reason the portal to the forest won’t work it just crashes pls fix

  35. M1N5X says:

    Is it work for mc

  36. Kyouko says:

    Hello, and excuse me. I am on IOS and it is not working no matter what I do. Please help.

  37. EnderLord says:

    its ruby not red emerald

  38. DanSMCraft says:

    How do you get Nether reactor core?

  39. Keeley says:

    It won’t let me download it ever time I push download to mcworld it goes halfway and freezes plz fix I would really like to download

  40. Brittlock says:

    how do you spawn an iron golem for this map?

  41. Riley cross says:

    Hello, I have been trying to go into the portal but it keeps crashing my game is there a reason why this happens?

  42. Chase_gamer says:

    How do I get it because when I download it just stops?
    Can you plz sort this out because I love this mod on the pc and I love that you have made it an add-on for mcpe so plz can you fix it

  43. Mineman says:

    Never mind. It’s working now.

  44. Neferwi says:

    I am in complete Heaven right now this is the best thing EVER I LOVE IT i cants evens right now

  45. Kitty the Warrior or wolfxx❤️❤️ says:

    It does not work for me

  46. BuggyPig says:

    Cool and awesome

  47. Enchanted says:

    Cool! But it will take a while to download :/

  48. BuggyPig says:

    Awesome map and addon

  49. Lindzen says:

    Yeah but when ever I download it just won’t let me 🙁

  50. I'm a DIEHARD BOY says:

    Yeah pls some times I get bored of it too

  51. IDK who I am says:

    Can you do a link for the plane behavior pack pls I getting born of the map

  52. Got TO TO FOR ON ON TO A says:

    How do I delete a behavior pack because I wanted to do it on a mother world but when I checked it wasn’t there,pls help me:(

  53. 😀😀😀😀 says:

    Hey I love the addon it has little bit of lag but it’s fun 🙂

  54. BuggyPig says:

    Make a Dinosaur addon and plz make a Jurassic park map

  55. TheCreeperHuntr says:

    Is it ok if I use some of the entity models and textures in a texture pack I am working on? Great add-on and Map by the way.

  56. BuggyPig says:

    Make a Dinosaur addon And replace the wolf as a Trex

  57. Unknown iOS user says:

    How do we get the behavior and resource like by itself

  58. Unknown iOS user says:


  59. Unknown iOS user says:

    Thx I’ll try it

  60. Unknown iOS user says:

    I keep pressing .mcworld but IT WOULDNT EVEN LOAD!!!!!!
    Try to use 2 links 1 for resource and 1 for behavior

  61. bingamon5 says:

    Hey! This looks really fun and I’ve had ward amazing things, but iOS users can’t download it because it need some you be an mcpack file instead of an McWorld file. Thanks!

  62. Ashley says:

    Nvm it just started working

  63. Ashley says:

    Hi can you plz help me I keep trying to download it but it loads halfway and goes blank, this is my favourite PC add on so please help to get it working.

  64. blk. says:

    Hello can you please help me? Im on android and when i click the .mcworld file nothing happens + its only telling me to .zip it ?? And this happens to me on every mods i tried i dont know if ES file explorer updated but it seems that i cant play it 🙁 i found a way doing it manually but the textures or ANY textures wouldnt work either i tried few different ways but nothing works,help please im really looking forward to play with this addon.Thank You.

  65. AgentZach303 says:

    HEEYY! Pls hear (or see rather) this! Please make a seperate download for the mod(resource and behavior pack) ONLY! I really can’t download anything bigger than 1MB in mediafire! Plssss! Thanks!

  66. Daskedogaming says:

    Its cool but hiw can I spawn iron golems or trees

  67. Hussain_games_Crafter says:

    How you make models? give me a help about that

  68. Lol says:

    Amazing addon,Amazing,thx to whoever create this I have so much fun

  69. Alexander says:

    How do I get the portal?

  70. aryachandrayudhistira says:

    Best add-on EVER!

  71. Sarah says:

    This is taking looooooong time to load

  72. Theblocksmacker says:

    The block textures are not working!!!

  73. Sude says:

    I really want this bc it looks soooooo cool

  74. GTAlover87 says:

    Cool mods!

  75. Tristan says:

    Hi like the twilight map I’ll download it soon and maybe try and tame Bears plezzz o and is it for PE or PC?

  76. Terragg20 says:

    The download link .MCworld isn’t working could it be a bug. Or maybe it’s my internet. It doesn’t load so I press refresh and it’s stuck on loading I’m using iOS btw.

  77. Logan says:

    Crazy map! I made a video on it! Feel free to check it out!

  78. Anonymous says:

    Crazy map! I made a video on it! Feel free to check it out!

  79. Emily says:

    Use clear glass

  80. Anonymous says:

    The zip file does not work for me. I’m very confused can you please fix it?

  81. Ask your Mom says:

    How do we download it. It looks so cool!

  82. Zombie620Slayer says:

    The trees say they don’t move unless attacked but the trees in my world move constantly and I didn’t even attack one

  83. Space_Duck147 says:

    The “Cookies” you get from the Zombie Pigmen (Husk) are REALLY Rotten Flesh.
    Nice Troll

  84. BuggyMouse says:

    I can Tame Bears

  85. Jack says:

    Wow great love it make more minecraft pe add-ons from pc please love this website

  86. Alex says:

    I really love this addon and I have to say that I appreciate the efford you put to make these fantastic things and Ihope you make other Epic addon like this

  87. BuggyMouse says:

    Wow the most amazing Addon i got

  88. Anonymous says:

    Very good addon!

  89. Mason says:

    Hey thanks for the best addon of all time for me!! 4/5 stars mainly because the clay textures like bricks side to side or top to bottom. But otherwise really good

  90. Daniel says:

    Cool Add-on make a dino Add-on now that’s cool please

  91. Zombie620Slayer says:

    Amazing reading the description of add on, can’t wait to add it

  92. Christopher Klose says:

    Sooo cool…. thnx allot. This was always one of my favorite PC mods. But could you make a behavior pack and a recourse pack so we can play it in separate worlds too:) Thanks.

  93. DonutAlissa oAo says:

    When ever I click “Download .McWorld” it gives another link thing but when it gets halfway done it disappears and its gone did I do something wrong?

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