Twisted Mobs

If you already have it, delete your old one off of Minecraft. (By going into settings, storage resources/behaviors packs).

    Hi, this is my first addon. This addon creates twisted versions of many of our beloved mobs. Such as the Creeper, the Chicken, and the Spider. They are faster and more deadly than ever before. They drop Tainted Flesh which can’t be used for anything yet, but it will be used to make a parasite sword that does 10 damage. (more than netherite sword) These textures are designed to add a spooky atmosphere to your world. and they are all drawn by me :DDDDD. You can see/get all the items in the pack by typing (with cheats enabled, and experimental gameplay on) “/give @s test” and then press tab to cycle throw all the available items to enjoy :DDD.

The twisted mobs only spawn at night and will burn during the day. This is to balance their difficulty. They have 1 thing in common, they are changed to be killing machines and will attempt to kill you within a reasonable distance. I played with this mod and I can say that it is pretty fun and challenging (even tho I was creeped out about my spiders :D). I hope you have fun with this thingy and leave me some helpful criticism, This is still fairly new so ye ENJOY.

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-Made a new item called the Primordial Shard because of sword balancing :D

-Remade everything to a separate project (Because the projects expanding :D)

-Remade most crafting recipes

-Balanced mobs so they won't ignore blocked shields

-Added torched flesh that requires a smoker to make (because of the thick skin :DD

Hope you enjoy this, I had to remake the entire project in order to expand it!

Can't wait till the next update?Ā  well... it might have something "Ancient". :DĀ 

More mobs and memories are waiting to be made!

-Added Recipes for Bandages and Bio-Blade

-Added new slime, and pig twisted versions

-Fixed a bug that caused them to stop moving after an attack

-Made the slime drop blood-soaked rags

-Slime will be very slow, won't jump, and be a one-shot no matter what (i think?)

Added photos, working on the recipes/stats now! hope you will enjoy it. :D


Click the link and it should download the resource/Behavior packs.

They are lightweight so they shouldn't take at all to download or even say that they downloaded.

š€š•š€šˆš‹š€šš‹š„ šš‹š€š“š…šŽš‘šŒš’ = šŒšŽššˆš‹š„ š€ššƒ š–šˆššƒšŽš–š’ šŸšŸŽ


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19 Responses

4.63 / 5 (8 votes)
  1. I would love to see twisted illagers chasing villagers around.

  2. THEDARKWOLF9669 says:

    the mobs dont drop anything anymore.

  3. chonkerer says:

    btw if you didn’t know I take a day off and then work on another update. so it’s like a 2 day wait period.
    Cant be draining myself out!

  4. Disguisedblast. says:

    I personally loved the addon and i may showcase it cuz why not Xd
    Anyway i will credit u and have a great day

  5. KhalMika says:

    Oh my, this looks amazing and creepy!
    The textures are really well-done!

    I’m running a server in which the players have to be more and more careful when the sun sets, and this is getting better and better thanks to you šŸ˜€

    keep the nice work and have a wonderful day!!!

    • KhalMika says:

      I may add a suggestion about the flesh sword, while I don’t really know what to suggest exactly, it’s about the durability. I have 2 opposite ideas:
      Make it as durable as the netherite sword, to make it a direct upgrade, or as durable as the iron or diamond sword, to make it an alternative. But it would be great to make it enchantable anyways, for more durability, damage etc.
      Maybe something like the sword, but an armor would be amazing! Made out of flesh and bones!

      Well that’s it.

      Another suggestion would be to add twisted cows, horses, villagers and players maybe (well, zombies)
      As I said above, these are just suggestions that came into my mind, and keep the wonderful work!

    • chonkerer says:

      Glad you are enjoying it!

  6. Juanicio says:

    Make it so they have better drops (Loot table)

  7. Red Fan says:

    Perhaps you could make it so that they have better stats than their untwisted versions as well as slightly different models. For example the twisted creeper could be faster, have 20 hearts of health, and have a bigger explosion radius. Perhaps giving them more unique behaviors than their vanilla counterparts would be cool. Anyways this Addon is great and has so much potential!

  8. TheAddonWaffle123 says:

    Really Like this

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