-368048932: Two Jungle Temples At Spawn

This seed spawns you literally right next to a jungle temple. And then right next to that temple there’s another one. It’s a really useful seed in case you want to quickly find a shelter for the night and at the same time obtain some good stuff like gold ingots and emeralds. The surrounding jungle is huge and includes a really nice terrain with lots of hills.

Found by: Madision_Love2020

You’ll spawn at the jungle temple as seen on the left side of the image.

Inside that temple you will find some a bunch of gold ingots, lots of bones and two iron horse armors. If you don’t know how to access the chest then make sure to check out this video.

Walk over the hill next to the first temple and you will then find the second temple. It too includes some decent loot such as a diamond horse armor and a couple of emeralds.

Seed: -368048932

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11 Responses

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  1. Zane says:

    Worst seed ever

  2. MinecraftGame says:

    First of all I found only one temple, and the loot did not match as you showed.

  3. dogzapoo says:


  4. WeakenedPants75 says:

    Hmm seems legit. Oh and thanks

  5. Jill McCoy says:

    Thx got seed!
    Pretty good!!!

    To your follower: thx also!
    “If you want a seed” I checked her out too…. My boys play Minecraft and u try and join them when I can… These were both worked for me!, So I wanted to say thank you!
    I hate having to do a lot to get to the good part because I want to have forever with my kids but don’t have the time… These both were ready and you have good instructions so I gave to stop and say THANKS!!! 😁😍 ~JILL

  6. KidAwesomeness says:

    Nice seed

  7. Madision_Love2020 says:

    If u want to put in a seed , go to submissions!

  8. Madision_Love2020 says:

    You’re welcome! I found it randomly!

  9. If you want a seed... says:

    I dont know where I’m supposed to say that but, if you want, I’ve found an extraordinary seed : -1883871531. You spawn at 15 blocks of a mesa biome, on a tree. At 5 blocks of the tree, there is a cave with a zombie spawner at 10 blocks of the entrance. You must find it thanks to the burning zombies. Just in the beginning of the mesa biome, a little bit at your left (you don’t have to cross the hills), there is an open mineshaft with a little spiders spawner straight ahead not far at the left and another which is open at the right. I haven’t explored more but this beginning is quite good, from my point of view…

  10. AgentCPU0 says:

    A really awesome seed. Thanks for sharing it.

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