Two Ruined Portal and Jungle Temple Seed [1.16+]

Big and small ruined portal nearest from spawn, in a small portal there are 4 obsidian, this will enable the portal at the very start of the game! Also near the large portal there is jungle temple.

You start the game …

Climb to the top and see the portal on the left.

Coming to him you will see jungle temple.

What’s in the chest?

This is a large portal, and not very convenient for activation. But there is still a small portal. Just turn 180 degrees on the spawn and go to the plain.

You keep going …

You find a small portal! Hmm, what’s in the chest?

4 obsidian! 3 obsidian will go to the completion of the top, 1 to replace the crying obsidian and the portal is ready! You can do this right at the start of the game without finding diamonds!

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  1. c00kiebit says:

    This seed is pretty cool and I like the fact that you start in the jungle and spawn is close to 0, 0. I’m not sure if this happens every time you load this seed but when I did, the jungle temple close to one of the ruined portals had no chests or dispensers with arrows.

  2. RFVBHU_1 says:

    Each Chest is Random, not set to a specific loot (btw good seed)

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