Sell and deliver cakes to can upgrade your stuff and get more money.

Create over than 1 profile and play with your friends.

Play Solo multi-profile and change between profiles.

How to play ?

Upgrade your furniture to boost your factory. 

Every upgrade will boost your factory. 

Complete quests to get more money and get rich.

Every minute you will get a delivery of random amount of cakes with random amount of money.

How to upgrade ?

Stand on the pressure plate where it says “Upgrade”, every upgrade has his own price.

Every time you upgrade furniture, it will boost your generator and give your factory more designs.

Upgrades :

– Generator :

Level 2 : 50% speed generator boost

Level 3 : new type of cake

Level 4 : 70% speed generator boost

– Tables : 

Level 2 : +5% general speed boost

Level 3 : +7% general speed boost

Level 4 : +10% general speed boost

– Storage :

Level 2 : +20% for more reward of delivery 

How to make profile ?

All profiles has the same prices, generators and furnitures 

How to finish quests ?

There are 3 types of quest :

– Easy (50$ to 150$ reward)

– Medium (100$ to 200$ reward)

– Hard (200$ to 300$ reward)

more information about the map :

The map isn’t a co-op.

Every player can only make 1 profile if the map wasn’t boosted.

You can get free reward by joining our discord server .

The map is 1.16.10

Changelog View more

Non-Boosted glitch has been fixed, now you can't have access to boosted sections.

Bug fixes.

Sound effects remodel 

Floating-cake bug fixed

Spam-reward bug fixed

Bug fixes

Floating-Cake bug fixed

Scoreboard remodel [Player.cakecounter]

Sound effects remodel

New music-game

bug fixes

Tycoon beta0.7 update comes with new profile, new sound effects, background music, new customers, new quests, new Easters, Console, Solo scoreboard, build Remodel and bug fixes


Supported Minecraft versions


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    after I got one of the upgrades for the table it took my money to -600. good style and great works but I cant continue from here

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