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Don’t you think normal UHCs are missing something? You get defeated only when a player kills you, or by other ways such as digging straight down. To make it more interesting, we are introducing zombie mode!

This post is no longer being updated.

Due to a glitch in 1.16, this might NOT function properly.


“You can’t see them, but they can see you”

Zombies are now more powerful than ever before.

  • Zombies no longer burn under sunlight.
  • Zombies now have a bigger range of finding players.
  • Zombies now have 25 health.
  • Zombies now run and turn faster, and has more damage.
  • Zombies can drop better loots.
    • They now drop rotten flesh, and 70% of dropping either golden apple or iron ingot.

Daylight Cycle

Introducing the daylight cycle! Different from the original one they had in-game, this cycle only lasts 14 minutes per day. You start with daytime, and then 7 minutes later, it changes to nighttime. When deathmatch starts, the cycle stops.

The scoreboard on your right-hand side will also display the what time is it, and when is it going to change.


You can no longer see other player’s nametags unless you hover on them. Players health are also increased to 60.

Setting up

It works the same way as the original UHC, except you will have to also turn on experimental gameplay.

Tutorials on how to set up the original one here.

Download not working/Support

Join our discord server if you have any questions on this pack!

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Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Guest-6541703315 says:

    This is dope but can you make it so it’s not a uhc?
    Just a standalone zombie spawning mod??
    It would be awesome then

  2. MaxGamez says:

    I really like this Function pack but I do have one favor. If it doesn’t bother you, do you think you can make a behavior addon for zombies where they could see the player more father like 100 blocks less/more? I’m making a Call of Duty Zombies type Minigame and honestly that sort of addon would really help me.

  3. adoxgirl says:

    It is recommended to strengthen drowned, zombie villagers and husk and their equipment

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