UHC On Any Map (Function Pack)

Ultra Hardcore is a gamemode that is slept on a lot by the bedrock community. This may be because of how hard it is to make maps… But look no further, I have come up with a simple way to play UHC with friends with no effort

In this new update, I have changed a lot of things and added some new stuff too. Mainly I’ve added some options so you don’t have to play in a 2000×2000 play space with just 10 players. You can now pick small, medium or large games. Each have different map borders and time limits.

I’ve also added some custom crafting recipes to make the gamemode more like the on on Hypixel. You can now get player heads when they die and you can use them to craft golden heads and in the future more. There are some quality of life recipes too, see them all so far below.

As said above, you can play different game sizes, this makes setting up the game a little more confusing but here’s a detailed check list (You must do everything on the list, anything not on the list will be done automatically when the game starts)

  • Create a new world or use an existing one
  • When making the world make sure that these options are on. 1. Experimental Gameplay. 2. Education Edition. 3. Enable Cheats
  • You need to put both the resource and behaviour packs on the world
  • Set the game to “Hard” difficulty (Optional)
  • When you’re in the world start by typing /function pregame
  • You will be given a command block and put into creative if you weren’t already
  • In the command block type one of the following /function uhc_small /function uhc_medium /function uhc_large
  • Make sure to set to repeating and always active
  • Now you’re almost done, type one of the following corresponding to the game size you put into the command block /function start_small /function start_medium /function start_large
  • You and your player are now spread around the play space (You may be falling from the sky due to a 1.12 glitch but for when this happens, fall damage is turned off for the first 20 seconds of the game)

If you haven’t played Hypixel UHC, you may not know about Heads/Golden Heads. You get heads from killing players and they can be used to craft really good items (Heads do NOT stack) at the moment there is only one head item, the Golden Head. This is like a golden apple but better and you eat it instantly.

I hope to add lots of more custom things to make this take on UHC more fun. If you have feedback and/or have found any bugs, comment on this post 

Changelog View more

Read the post to see all the changes, Some effort made into writing it :)

Fixed the link so the pack installs now

Fixed the "small" game size so it works now



Supported Minecraft versions

1.12 1.13 1.14

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32 Responses

3.74 / 5 (19 votes)
  1. Guest-3104537271 says:

    I had to download a .zip file from another place and that only got the behavior pack to work. There’s no custom crafts or anything and when I download it here, it doesn’t download. Could you please make the packs downloadable?

  2. Guest-5867936602 says:

    Doesn’t work for me, I am on W10.

  3. Guest-2729992255 says:

    The creator’s idea is good but he uploaded the packs wrong instead put the extension .mcpack at the pack instead of .mcaddon

  4. ArthurCrawler27 says:

    El mod está muy bien, solo que el marcador de vidas no funciona, mis compañeros mueren y siguen con una vida

  5. tupisupi says:

    Will you ever update this so it works with the newest version? How did u create custom crafts could you make a tutorial or explain it, i would like to create my own pack?

  6. Ahmed says:

    It says failed to import invalid zip file

  7. Matej says:

    Fix it it doesn’t work 😒😒😒😒😒😒😒😒 and i dont like it.

  8. CoinTD says:

    It says ‘Failed to import invalid zip file’ please can you fix this

  9. Cheffy says:

    It doesn’t import for some reason, maybe it’s not optimized for phones?

  10. VRESA says:

    It failed form I don’t understand this

  11. Beanor says:

    Does’nt import pls fix

  12. Anonymous says:

    Pls fix the golden heads they won’t work but everything else is great

  13. LeanPicachu says:

    It’s Not Working can please fix this?

  14. Pedakin says:

    Contact me as soon as possible, i’ve made a couple of improvements and i’m gonna stream this live. @Pedakin on any social media: Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat etc..

  15. ? says:

    the golden head doesn’t work you just keep eating and eating

  16. theLEGEND133 says:

    Guys this might be only for Win 10 but i dunno for sure

  17. Mrggare says:

    It doesn’t import it

  18. Modded Survival lover says:

    I have been looking for this for so long! Next Update Ideas:

    Custom Swords and Armour pieces which work like the ones in Hypixel but can they have custom textures.?

    Fake Players/NPCS they will have armour and swords and they will drop everything they have once killed so that this can also be Singleplayer Supported!

    Double Hearts Once Spawned in? Just like in the game the hearts are doubled so our fights are more enjoyable!

    Hopefully I rememinded you of some things that could be added!

  19. Epic Gamer says:

    Great function now I don’t have to get to level 10 on hyplixel, also did you use abridged to create this?

  20. Help me says:

    Importing issues?

  21. halobanaa says:

    Hey can someone help it says FAiled to Import the pack it couldnt read it

  22. theLEGEND133 says:

    Umm new version is i think not compatible in 1.12?? It dont work means i cant import it

  23. Myterlic says:

    doesn’t even work, when i try to import it it just says “failed to import unknown pack name”

  24. zane says:

    how do i download im confused it didnt work

  25. joe................ mama says:

    amazing just amazing

  26. Good Good stuff buuuuut a few things could but improved
    need to fix deathmatch lag
    maybe add a on screen timer/ reminders of how much time we have left?
    multiple modes

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