Ultimate Farmer Mod

Become the most effecient farmer in Minecraft Pocket Edition with the Ultimate Farmer Mod. Grow your vegetables instantly with the simple use of a hoe. It’s the lazy man’s way to riches some would say. If being lazy means getting the vegetables to grow quicker, we would rather say it’s just being a lot smarter than the others.

Creator: CheesyMushroom

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Ultimate Wheat Hoe (375) – 8 wheat + 1 iron hoe
  • Ultimate Carrot Hoe (376) – 8 carrots + 1 iron hoe
  • Ultimate Potato Hoe (377) – 8 potatoes + 1 iron hoe

How to use the tools?

Begin by planting the potatoes, carrots and wheat. For example, if you have planted some potatoes tap with the Ultimate Potato Hoe on the seeds and they will grow instantly.


Here you can see that when we tapped with each hoe on the seeds they grew on an instant to their full extent.

screenshot-2015-05-06-11-23_2 screenshot-2015-05-06-11-24 screenshot-2015-05-06-11-24_3


  • /help – general information about the mod
  • /give tools – get all the ultimate tools


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  1. Anonymous says:

    the link is broken

  2. bgshok says:

    how can i fix textures? i put textures but they are bugged

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