Ultimate Gear v2.1

Have you ever dreamed of having sharpness 5 on your sword? Have you ever wanted to upgrade your amour to protection 5 but couldn’t? Well in this world, your dreams are going to be extended so much that your game might lag.

Note: Armor need a strong device for it to work or else your game will crash.

In this world, you’re not going to have just the typical enchanted diamond tools, You will have  ULTIMATE Upgraded diamond tools, Where each and single one of these have enchantments that make no sense and their power and durability will be multiplied by 30000x! After you finish downloading the world (With the new update) you might face some lag while opening the chest in the room and that’s mainly because of how big the enchantments are and they are being refilled every 1 to 2 seconds. And there is also a chest with a couple of enchantment books in front of each section.

For example look at the trident shown in the picture above, how come it has Mending 30000 and Loyalty 30000?! These are enchantments that don’t even exist in the game! The tools are too powerful that your game might crash after some time! Also keep in mind that they don’t finish because auto refilling is on!

And after the new update:

  • Made the suggestions in the comment section come true.
  • Removed silk touch completely from the tools and its optional if you want it back.
  • Added some extra chests with contain an enchanted book of each enchantment separately and being refilled every tick. No duplicated books.
  • Added a new weapon that wasn’t there before which is Bow.
  • Updated some parts of the description.
  • Added a Loyalty trident.

Have Fun Trying Out The Ultimate Enchantments :)!.

Changelog View more
  • Made the suggestions in the comment section come true.
  • Removed silk touch completely from the tools and its optional if you want it back.
  • Added some extra chests with contain an enchanted book of each enchantment separately and being refilled every tick. No duplicated books.
  • Added a new weapon that wasn't there before which is Bow.
  • Added a Loyalty trident.
  • Made some suggestions from the comments section come true.
  • Added new tools/gear.
  • Removed Silk touch from the gear and made it an enchanted book.
  • Added Two new Enchanted books which has Cure of vanishing and Cure of binding.
  • Fixed some unusable enchantments.
  • World not flat now, so you can roam using the tools.

* Added new enchantments which are: Quick charge, Multi-shot, Piercing.

*New way of presenting the gear.

*Added more description.

*New presenting room.

*Added enchantments that didn't exist before:



-Quick charge


Supported Minecraft versions

1.10 1.11 1.12 1.13 1.14 1.15 (beta)

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52 Responses

4.15 / 5 (13 votes)
  1. Guest-3519906523 says:

    what is the command u used to make these items

  2. awsome229 says:

    The reason the crossbow isn’t working is because of the quick charge, change the quick charge to 5, then it should work!

  3. Guest-8229911871 says:

    It’s good but your missing a bow

  4. acommand says:


  5. Guest-4296677610 says:

    please make a mediafire direct link please thanks!

  6. Guest-6208883170 says:

    Can you removed the fortune and looting enhantments it feels bad when 32k in it

  7. Guest-8304216181 says:

    I Can Make This In Your World Without “ToolBox” Or…If You Wnat To I Do It For You Just Add Me On Discord (xxmortgunxx#0052)

  8. Guest-2630372698 says:

    i think you make with the help of application called tool box for minecraft
    am i right or wrong if wrong please forgive because with that application we can do the same

  9. Guest-9456271695 says:

    Can you make enchanted 32k books separately. and please don’t put silk touch on pickaxe.

  10. Guest-2193732440 says:

    I know the reason why the cross bow doesnt work
    How the crossbow charges is by a set of numbers in the code. It only is fully charged when the number reaches zero. As in like 5,4,3,2,1,0. The problem is that when the enchantment gets bigger it goes in to negative numbers. With the mega enchantment the negative number that it lands on will be a long way away from zero. Just stick with quick charge 3.

  11. Guest-7471286024 says:

    Necesitas Mínecraft 1.14.30 despues descargate Toolbox For Mínecraft y ve a un survival y listo chetate en un segundo de diamante

  12. Guest-8397056903 says:

    2B2T superweapon

  13. Guest-1728940758 says:


  14. Guest-2356144210 says:

    Nice, but you should put it on a world that is not flat, cause its much more fun using it’s power to mobs and other things

  15. PatovskyRB26 says:

    Can you give me the command to put this level in any tool and enchantment

  16. Guest-6224315067 says:

    OMG Thank you! I loved this and my friend was glitching and i was glitching! I cant belive it!

  17. Guest-1156029362 says:

    It’s easy and 8 can do this but note for the creator: Remove the curse of binding and vanishing and for crossbow only do fast reload to at most 5 or it won’t work and the trident should not have riptide or you can’t throw it.

  18. Alisu_Shimada says:

    I don’t understand the reasoning on why you want to download a map like this other than test out enchantments on mobs

  19. Sufs gaming says:

    An idiot would made it in a flat world

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