Ultimate Security Cam Mod

It’s understandable if you don’t feel like leaving your precious belongings completely unguarded while you are away on your journeys in Minecraft. The Ultimate Security Camera Mod adds a security camera which can be crafted and placed anywhere in your worlds. Set up your own surveillance system and have complete access to an overview of your cameras at any time.

In the future the mod will support a mob cam, custom textures and one directional cameras.

Creator: Dr Lazuli, Twitter Account

Item IDs & Crafting Recipes

  • Security Cam (250) – 7 cobblestones + 1 redstone + 1 glass
  • Mob Cam (630) – 4 cobblestones + 1 redstone + 1 glass + 1 string (will be used for a future update, currently not fully operational)

How does it work?

Begin by crafting some security cameras and then set them up on a few different locations where you need surveillance. Then tap on a camera and type /cam name <camera name, e.g. location> to set its name to make it functional.


The cameras can be accessed at any time using the following commands:

  • /cam view <camera name>
  • /cam stop
  • /cam list – get a list of all active cameras



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30 Responses

2.33 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Levi jones says:

    I love spy’s and security so this is something! 🚨😀

  2. Nicolas says:

    Is this for iOS?

  3. Madee says:

    Does this work on IOS if does and how

  4. Enzo says:

    How do I download it

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is this working for ios?

  6. Xavier says:

    hey! this is great!

  7. Smile creeper says:

    Well its like the cameras from fnaf but its good (:

  8. RedShadow says:

    This juat crashing the blocklauncher

  9. JAYZPLAYZ says:

    Im playing in my ipad not samsung noobs!!!

  10. JAYZPLAYZ says:

    Ok i like mrcrayfish’s cam mod but i think i will try this one

  11. L says:

    How can i download it

  12. RetinaBurn says:

    When I go to the ZIP file, empty. I don’t know what to do with it since I don’t download add-ons often, only textures. I also use ES File Explorer and ASTRO

  13. Kitten says:

    How do you get it for iOS

  14. Potato says:

    🐢It don’t like it I LOVE IT 💯

  15. TheGoldenCreeper // NathTGC says:

    This mod is working in 0.16.0? Please reply immediately!!

  16. OtakuPlays says:

    Cool :\ you people sure are something… :3 i like it.

  17. Bonnie143 says:


  18. Nick says:

    Are they ever going to have mods for iOS minecraft pe

    • Editor says:

      It’s difficult to say. But there are rumours that there are people working on this, but I am not sure if they have been doing much progress with it lately.

  19. Seddikben says:

    How can I AV this mode I’m having mcpe 0.12.3 I use Dropbox I downloaded mcpe with vshare

  20. Sebastian Willingham says:

    Please make a fnaf texture pack that retextures the armors and the swords as well as some of the blocks and make sure it works with the redstone mod called pocket power and the ultimate security camera mod that would be awsone thank you if you do I’ll look at it just make sure it works with those 2 mods ok

  21. Andro says:

    I really love your mods dr.lazuli☺

  22. DeathCop4000 says:

    Isn’t this mod old ?

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