Ultimate Sky Block (Shop!)

Hi there! This is my first Minecraft PE map, so please forgive any typos or bugs. Tell me about the glitches so that I can fix them and also let me know if you have ideas for improvements!

This is a skyblock 

With a shop and 8+ islands 

Multiplayer, and singleplayer(in case you dont have friends)

Also shop

Heres one of the islands!

And another

One more!

Changelog View more

Mentioned a new amazing shop.

Cool very cool 

Share also please god sir and have a nice day bye



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Supported Minecraft versions

1.15 (beta) 1.16

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  1. Guest-8229485291 says:

    Can I upload a video of playing this map on YouTube?

  2. Guest-7664566500 says:

    i see you used horion hacks to get some things. also shop doesn’t work

  3. Guest-7126612631 says:

    Testing it out now! Using Xbox One.

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