Published on May 08, 2015 (Updated on May 08, 2015)

Ultimate TDM Mod

i cant even install it can you make one for media fire
There's no difference between drop box and mediafire
So can you get the dog grim?
I like DanTDM and Dr.Trayuras and Grim because I haven't met them even DanTDM and I don't know how to get DanTDM's Add-on and seed and server guys please tell me how to get all of the things that I told you please pretty please
Yea pat need a mod to if you think of you make it for ios
Can you do one for popularmmos
I Like DanTDM and DR. Trayaurus because
the funny think in their video is when DanTDM and DR.Trayaurus in their lab and i
take DanTDM Character!!.....Horrrray
Hi. I found a slight typo of glowstone to 'glowstune' on the crafting info of Power of Trayaurus.
I can't make power of trayorous but I got the power of Dan.
how can i download it
Cool mod and yea capitalize that T.
ah does everyone notice the name of Dr Trayaurus it said trayuraus correct spelling trayaurus.
ENDERMANHARVIE, you are a really good proof reader! ;D
I like TDM team,that a very popular youtubers,tell my if you have any awesome mod,thank's dude!!
Haha, at first i thought someone was trying to steal my work, but when i saw the "Creator: LeoTakacs" i was so relieved! Thanks for posting this <3
Wowww!!Cool,this is a awesome mod