Ultor’s Random Zombie City Generation

Make your Minecraft worlds unique with this simple zombie city generation add on! Buildings and towers will spawn in randomly without any map required! Some buildings have unique interiors in them! (Hint… the building that has the most boarded up floor contains 2 Diamond blocks!)

This mod is simple and easy to install.

Make sure to enable experimental gameplay first!

Create the world with the add on initiated, and you will see the city generate right before your eyes!

There is 5  building variants.

The Resturant:

Contains furnaces and some food inside!

Small Apartments:

Very basic apartments. Beds and few crafting tables inside.

Small Apartments 2:

The same as the other apartments, however, someones been trying to hide and survive in here… 


The tallest out of all the builds. Has a restaurant in the center of the building. also has a very high vantage point on the way top!


A very boring office building. Nothing to see in here. Has a rooftop farm though!

Hope you all enjoy this add on! Be sure to check out my Youtube channel  for more add on’s coming soon!


Also be sure to check out the MACHINE_BUILDER who made this possible!


 This is my first add on so i will make more soon! Be sure to stay tuned!


Supported Minecraft versions


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41 Responses

3.6 / 5 (15 votes)
  1. Guest-3797085721 says:

    If you’re open to requests, can you add a Shop?
    Items inside are an iron sword, a few pieces of food(raw), some bottles, and 5 miscellaneous items

  2. Instinct.s says:

    Amazing it works perfectly

  3. Guest-8390388663 says:

    You have way too many features in the Behavior pack fix that minecraft cant do anything becuas how much garbage you have in features.

  4. Guest-5732278613 says:


  5. Roxtro says:

    It doesn’t let me download it

  6. sir beanos says:

    please make a non-ruined or futuristic version

  7. Guest-4161628441 says:

    My only complaint is the pack is way to big bc now my Minecraft wont sync data because of how large the pack is

  8. Guest-2134363306 says:

    Kinda bummed i cant download in google drive, but i love the concept tho. Make the download site be mediafire to make things easier 🙂

  9. Guest-4836326740 says:

    Can you do a adfly link pls

  10. Dip says:

    It does not work, had experimental mode on and applied it to my world, but theres isnt one single building, is it in a specific biome? Or am I doing something wrong, i have been searching for 30 minutes now

  11. Anonymous says:

    Great! but there are two thing, first when u open chat for command the game crashed and the file is too many so making a new world with this addon is taking so long

  12. Guest-1816137722 says:

    On Xbox, it only spawns one of the same building everywhere and it’s only a quarter of the building. I’m not on flat world and I have experimental on, is it the Xbox or is this a bug. If it’s a bug, please get it fixed.

  13. Guest-8176356975 says:

    I am on 1.14 Experimental on generated a new world pack is in behaviours and nothing is happening what have I done wrong?
    Do I have to be in a specific biome for it to generate why does it refuse to work?
    Does it have to be exactly 1.14 without any extra numbers?

  14. Guest-4613855004 says:

    Can you make a mediafire link

  15. DAREZ says:

    i tested it you must MAKE SURE trun on experimental gameplay befor put the addon/behaviour.
    Good addoni hope i you can add some more building

  16. Hey thanks a lot for the credit! I really appreciate it! Plus, awesome idea! 🙂

  17. 8787 says:

    I put it in my first world without ex gm on…
    And I turn it on in my FLAT WORLD…

  18. Guest-7440815539 says:

    I put it in both and it still dos not work help! BTW I’m doing it on Xbox one

  19. Guest-3381451509 says:

    I downloaded it but would it be a behavior pack or a resource pack?

    • ultor99 says:

      It is a behavior pack. You must be on version 1.14 and generate a regular world. It does not work on flat lands. Make sure to have experimental gameplay on a well. This will not work on previously loaded worlds. Only new worlds.

  20. Guest-3532555946 says:

    Could you make a biter city with rowds

  21. Bubbles06 says:

    Link doesn’t work anymore

  22. Guest-1159795259 says:

    Can you make a zip file for this? And change the link to a media fire. Thank you!

  23. Guest-4243934552 says:

    You think you can use a mesiafire link because for some reason Google drive crashes when I try downloading it…

  24. Guest-5784492472 says:

    That’s amazing, but why you haven’t used .mcstructure instead of making 24300 files. I know, it’s hard to get .mcstructure from the world but there’s some ways to do this.

  25. Guest-9015429010 says:

    I do have the resource pack on , but when i get into the world there is no city or building .. does it have to be a flat world?

  26. Guest-1641721302 says:

    THIS IS AMAZING! If you update this, can I make a few suggestions?
    -police station
    -restaurants with a wider variety of food
    -custom zombies and survivors
    Thank you and keep it up!

  27. Guest-3568835782 says:

    can you make it compatible with minecraft 1.16?

  28. Guest-2055474719 says:

    How do I download this?

  29. Da3pikD3rpy says:

    Nevermind, i can download this, AND. THAT ADDON. IS. ONE OF THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!! TYSM FOR MAKING THIS!

  30. Da3pikD3rpy says:

    Can you please add mediafire download? Please, i beg

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