Ultra [Puzzle]

Ultra is a puzzle map with five normal levels and three extra levels. It’s probably inspired by the popular MindDud PE map series but the difference here is that the levels are much easier. If you are looking for an easier challenge to start with before testing the MindDud maps then we would definitely recommend giving the Ultra puzzle a try.

Creator: TheXMiner


  • Play on peaceful
  • Set render distance to lowest possible
  • Never place any blocks unless told to do so

ultra1 ultra2 ultra3


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7 Responses

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Fake popularMMOS!!

  2. Link says:

    I think it looks nice

  3. Popularmmos says:


  4. Loltheloler says:

    How do you put a map on mcpedl?

  5. TheXMiner says:

    You should’ve took my permissions first before uploading my map but anyway thanks for putting it on MCPEDL!

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