Ultra Realistic Texture Pack

This is a high resolution texture pack that is made to look like real life while not lagging. I was inspired by umseoa’s ray tracing resource pack and got some ideas from him. 

Youtube video on the texture pack

This took really long to make so if you share it use the link provided and tag my youtube channel (Azapz). Thank you

Changelog View more

I added 2 images in the description and removed an old one

Added bunch of new textures and changed old some ones. 

Added some new textures to the file and remade old ones. I also added a tutorial on how to get through the linkvertise site.


Well i dont know how to fix that. Sorry. If its fixable please let me know otherwise i cant post this texture pack. maybe you can turn off the antivirus and test it because i honestly dont know how to fix that

I dont see how i can change that. It is probably the antivirus that has something against mediafire because if everything is completed you should be taken to mediafire.

I have disabled the notofications and the add on thing in linkvertise

There is no such thing as notifications on linkvertise and i haven't even added a required add-on. I cant find a button for it even when i use the search tool. You should make the admin feedback clearer. 

I added 5 pictures of the texture pack in use to the description

I added more images in the description and added a video that showcases the texture pack. I also changed the featured image. 


When you press the download link you will come to a site called linkvertise. Press the im not a robot button and do the captcha. Then press view interesting articles, press the x on the top right corner and wait 10 seconds. Press continue and wait another 10 seconds. Then press direct acces to UltraRealByAzapz. Now download the file and apply it. 


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta) 1.16


512x 512x

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60 Responses

3.67 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Guest-9625658823 says:

    Meda fire link plz

  2. Guest-2641917337 says:

    Pls make the link media fire i cant download it thx

  3. Guest-7159049595 says:


  4. Guest-6362876606 says:

    Im wait in 10 minute

  5. Guest-8655475835 says:


  6. Guest-4402920215 says:


  7. Guest-3996819618 says:

    It doesn’t work I’m very disappointed.

  8. Guest-3961208708 says:


  9. Guest-7705678076 says:

    How tell me!!

  10. Guest-5810055491 says:

    Can you had adfly link i downloaded it works its cool!¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Haha

  11. Neil1050 says:

    Doesn’t work 🙁

  12. Guest-2517596580 says:

    And none of the animations are working for the leaves or plants (same person) 🙂

  13. Guest-6593785151 says:

    Great textures but the water just looks like normal and with the oak doors, the door was opening from its hinges but great job

  14. Lol every texture is stolen

  15. Guest-7471335377 says:

    Can’t download! Can you make a link with Ad-fly? That’s simpler than this

  16. Guest-5327527275 says:

    Crashes on Xbox

  17. Neil1050 says:

    Does not work

  18. Guest-7302063886 says:

    It has a nice texture pack but not what i expected. the picture looks so good but the ingame is not. the water is like normal mc water and the lights does no even work. the pictures are taken from the rtx version of minecraft. its far from the pic.

  19. Guest-3767192703 says:

    THATS weird.
    Because it didn’t work for me. An image just pops up.

  20. Guest-6326580287 says:

    Fake virus!!

  21. Guest-5328424881 says:

    the water is texture pack or the shader?

  22. Guest-9080670814 says:

    plz do a direct link i cant download

  23. Guest-6060211572 says:

    is this ray trasing work for low devies

  24. Guest-8489636310 says:

    Do you make a direct MediaFire link?

  25. Guest-4491590885 says:

    can you plz make a direct mediafire link because to get the link we have to but premium

  26. eplc says:

    I like the texture pack! great job! but also, when you light the redstone lamp, it changes to the original texture.

  27. Why are so many of the textures missing? Is this not finished yet?

  28. Heyo! If the creator is reading this, I finally managed to get the link to work, and it may still be a problem for others, would you consider using something like because that is easier to navigate. Thanks in advance!

  29. Guest-7301466910 says:

    Finally !! We can destroy our device !!

  30. Guest-6369054098 says:

    Steps linktervise show articles
    3.wait for 15 sec then press x

  31. Guest-6146693765 says:

    yeah NOt Lagging you said? im so sad 🙁
    it give me just 2fps

  32. Guest-4038296632 says:

    I’ll show how to download first they will launch you to link verse then you see those vutton that said beiw articles or watch vid clikc them then for the articles wait for 15 seconds then clikc the x button then watch the ad thats it

  33. Guest-2536311878 says:

    My World turned into Black Why?

  34. Guest-1319950005 says:

    pls make mediafire link coz linkvertise is bad

  35. Guest-6693512901 says:

    They won’t upload it to MCPEDL.COM directly because making people access other websites will allow them to gain small amounts of money. The link is safe and fine… “for now”…

  36. Guest-2563210625 says:

    Links are working..

    At least for me…

  37. Guest-4228557967 says:

    Plz make a mediafire link

  38. Guest-7578277070 says:

    Linkvertise Links are broken for me pls just upload file to MCPEDL.COM directly

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