Undead Invasion Add-on

Undead Invasion adds a eight new zombie types while letting the regular zombies also remain in-game. For example, one of the types no longer burn in sunlight and another is a considered a traitor because it will attack any type of monster, including other zombies. This is like an extension add-on which adds features instead of replacing them.

Creator: Falkenvergh

Zombie Types

Archer Zombies are equipped with bow and arrows and they no longer burn in sunlight. This means that your world will quite quickly fill up with more zombies.

  • Attack radius: 10 blocks


Baby Zombies have a new type of attacking behavior. If it sees a player it will run after the player and try to ride it. It then attacks you until you are dead.

  • Health: 10 – 13 hearts
  • Attack damage: 3
  • Attack radius: 25 blocks


Giant Zombies are much larger and stronger than any other zombie. They will burn in sunlight (unless they spawn with armor as seen down below).

  • Attack damage: 8 – 17
  • Health: 46 – 56 hearts
  • Attacks within a 25 block radius
  • Very rare


Traitor Zombies attacks any other hostile mob. It will only attack players if it’s getting attacked first.

  • Attack damage: 6 – 11
  • Health: 10 – 13 hearts
  • Attack radius: 40 blocks


Other Zombies:

  • Titan
    • Health: 115 – 231 hearts
    • Attacks within a 100 block radius
  • Day Walker
    • Health: 10-12 hearts
    • Attack radius: 25 blocks
  • Normal Zombie
    • Health: 10-12 hearts
    • Attack radius: 25 blocks
  • Pacifist
    • Baby sized zombie (not all of them)
    • Friendly
    • Health: 20 – 30 hearts
    • Tameable with an enchanted apple
      • Healable with an enchanted apple
      • Follows its owner
      • Attack radius: 15 blocks
      • Attack damage: 5
      • Attacks rabbits and bats on sight

Demo Video


  1. Download Behavior .McPack
  2. Activate the pack for a world in-game

You can get a .ZIP file for this addon here.

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32 Responses

4.5 / 5 (2 votes)
  1. Werewolf_37 says:

    Can you remove the baby zombie behavior because the keep inventory game rule makes the baby zombie spawn WITH me.

  2. ErdnaFotsirk says:

    Editor can you make these changes or features to other mobs too? Without changing a mob?

  3. Sage Smith says:

    The Iron Golems didn’t spawn in the video because there was grass under their arms.

  4. Fawfuls TNT says:

    Creator, would you please create a mo’ creepers add-on? I want it to have the Minecraft PC Survival Test creeper, which does melee attack damage and explodes ONLY when killed. I also want a nether creeper an ender creeper, a zombie creeper, and a ender creeper. I do not think you have to replace any mob to make this add-on, but you will also have to add textures to each type of creeper, like the PC survival test creeper having a dark green texture.

    • Fawfuls TNT says:

      If you make a mo creepers Addon, would you please also make it so charged creepers can spawn naturally, and make it so charged PC survival test creepers inflict more melee damage, along with a melee status effect like blindness?

  5. Hiro says:

    How to Spawn giant and titan

  6. Ruzain says:

    Can you make a fishing hook add-on…?\(♡O♡)/

  7. Geo says:

    i’m a newb but this seems to be cleverly designed using variants rather than replacement
    which is exactly what i expect from any mob add-on outside of the ability to ‘add’ completely unique mobs

  8. DaggerDG says:

    I love this add on, great job. Also is there any way to spawn in a specific zombie with commands; like how you can give yourself granite with /give stone and a “data: int” of 2. Please help and thanks.

  9. SnakedoesMinecraft says:

    You called the Titan a giant!

  10. The COW says:

    How do you get them?

  11. Ca says:

    How do you spawn in the beasts?

  12. GalaxieNova says:

    Cool Addon

  13. Xv_BladeSlice_vX says:

    It’s really good keep it up!

  14. MysticChrix says:

    Dude! This add-on is what I’ve been hoping for since it’s been released: new variety of monsters. If you could do this with skeletons and other mobs, that would be sick. I actually have an idea if you don’t mind trying: when iron golems spawn or are created (I don’t know if this will work created naturally), make different sizes. Smaller golems do less damage but are faster, giant golems are more powerful but slower, and regular golems stay the same. Also, change some villagers to smaller versions to make dwarves that drop ores when killed and run away from the player. Just a few ideas. Do this again with different mobs! Your awesome!

  15. Sachin says:

    Never mind I had jimbos weapons installed

  16. Sachin says:

    I blew up!

  17. Sachin says:

    I blew up!?

  18. I Hate Adfly says:

    Every time I heal the pacifist zombie, it dies. The Enchanted Apple is like poison

  19. indocraft game4 says:

    Its so cool

  20. Earthray04 says:


  21. CraftyMods says:

    Do they replace any mobs?

  22. Thelittleprince says:

    Its Awesome

  23. Johan says:

    Wow!! Awesome addon

  24. Addon Lover says:

    CanYou make the armor retextured so it looks like more undead

  25. Anonymus says:

    Nice Add-On

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