Unfair Pig!

Welcome to another Unfair Map! It’s another one of those things again! Yay! But this time, it is themed with pig, in other words, as you can see by the title of this map, it is called Unfair Pigs. Everything in this map will be pointless and you’ll have to beat it basically. Like every unfair map has, this type of of map has no checkpoints, meaning that if you accidentally messed up, then you will have to restart everything no matter how far you are. No hints, no checkpoints and pretty hard, it’s so unfair right? However, this map is also tested and it is in fact possible. There have been few cases of people actually beated an unfair map early because they were so lucky and tried every possibilites, but as we all say, it depends upon who’s playing. Try to be one of those people.

This map was inspired by Unfair Minecraft made by NICO_THE_PRO and his other friend from java edition. I assume some of you who love to play unfair maps already know this guy, and yes, he is so cool! Make sure you check him out, he makes cool stuff related and unrelated to minecraft.

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You will not have fun

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What's New?

July 5, 2020

- Updated the link redirecting to watch the walkthrough


I recommend playing this map with only one player, 2 or more players might cause the map to break and not work properly. 

Play this map in a latest and newer version, this map have some newer features that has been recently added to minecraft. Recommended version: 1.16 

The texture pack download will not be added as long as anyone wouldn't complain about the texture error or texture not appearing

This map is still in work in progress or should I say..."beta", please report any glitches, errors or bugs


Supported Minecraft versions


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20 Responses

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  1. Guest-7868925769 says:

    The trader is not showing up for me, neither are the pigs after the parkour. Is this a hardware issue?

  2. Guest-5096044167 says:

    Some of the levels didn’t really make sense and I couldn’t complete it.

  3. Guest-2721488772 says:

    I can’t get past the first mud level ‘-w-‘

  4. Zhaox says:

    Are the resource packs showing up for you guys?

  5. Guest-2439248702 says:

    Hey Zhaox! Is your account problem fixed now?

  6. Guest-1667947066 says:

    Hey guys, is the texture really not showing up?

  7. Guest-7389276301 says:

    Forgive me for me idiocy, but how do I get past the mud pig? I have been trying EVERYTHING. The answer is probably right under my nose tbh XD.

    • Guest-9425358695 says:

      click on the blus stained glass and walk onto the water and then in your invintory there should be a carrot on a stick witch you drop on the hoper

  8. Guest-2441233201 says:

    How do I make it past the carpet level

  9. Zhaox says:

    Unfortunately, my screen recorder is a crap, it keeps corrupting whenever I try to record a video, that means, it included the map walkthrough that I was about to record, but it got corrupted like I said. Sadly, it may take me awhile or so for the walkthrough to be finally released in my youtube channel until I finally fixed the issue. But for the big brains out there, do you happen to need a walkthrough at all? But no worries, I’ll update y’all to when I will upload it.

  10. LuzaPlaysMC says:

    Nice now i am waiting for the walkthrough

  11. alienboy says:

    Great map my guy! Was thinking of doing a speedrun on my channel xD I’ve got a find the button map I reckon you’ll enjoy very build focused!! Maybe one day we could collab g

  12. Guest-5113286279 says:

    Zhaox U R The BEST!

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