Unicorns and Butterflies Add-on!!

And not just Unicorns and butterflies, there’s Alacorns and Pegasus! Pegasuses?!? Pegasi?? Who knows!! They’re horses that have wings! What else could possibly matter. AND they come in a crazy variety of colors. With sparkling things going everywhere. Make sure you wear sunglasses.

Time for mythical beasts!! And non-mythical insects! We have:


There’s white or there’s purple or there’s…. That’s it. Unless someone has some ideas for other colors..? These guys run quite fast, jump quite high, and smash through just about anything. Tameable with emeralds. Drop a saddle on and go riding/smashing!


Winged horsey things. Jump CRAZY high. I mean that. If Minecraft had International Space Stations it would have International Space Stations with alacorns flying past the windows. That’s how high these bad boys jump. Tameable by riding them around. Put a saddle on and your life will never be the same.


More winged horsey things! These guys like to do their own thing, so steering them around is a bit hit and miss. Mostly miss. You can still jump on and go for a fly, just HANG ON TIGHT when they come in to attack some poor unfortunate, soon-to-be-quite-gone, mob.


What they lack in horseyness they make up for in colorfulness! Hold a flower and some will fly on over to get a better view. Once you add them to a world you’ll never go back!

Where to find them

If you find a mooshroom island, chances are, if it’s very dark, you might might, find a unicorn on top of a mushroom. I don’t know why. Seemed like a good idea at the time! The butterflies you can find in Plains, Sunflower Plains, Flower Fields and, of course, mooshroom islands.

To the awesome youtubers out there, if you do a review/showcase, thank you! Please link back to *this page* on mcpedl. Cheers!

All of our packs here!

Our Youtube channel here!

Changelog View more

Added butterflies and made a few minor changes to unicorns.

Re-uploading Android/iOS content due to import issues on some devices.

A few fixes and improvements:

  • The Pegasus is now more flyable. Look up to fly up, down to fly down. They also flap their wings and run their little legs when on the ground.
  • Increased the light levels at which they'd spawn on the mooshroom island.
  • Made the existing unicorns NOT bust blocks. Introduced a new, lighter purple variant, which DOES destroy blocks. So much fun, couldn't remove it altogether.

Minor change - attempted to make the Pegasus steerable, sort of works but still haven't figured out up/down. Next version, maybe..?


Supported Minecraft versions

1.14 1.15 (beta)

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56 Responses

4.89 / 5 (28 votes)
  1. Guest-3841975809 says:

    Can You Please Make Them Breedable

  2. Aarush Chowdhry says:

    i saw this wierd alex mob thingy,was it in this addon or was it a hack or something?

  3. TheHybred says:

    Hey thanks for using my texture pack in the screenshots! This looks great

  4. OMG, I LOVE THIS ADDON! THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR YESTERDAY! AND ITS HERE! Thank you so much you made my night!!! Btw, Can I edit the texture pack colours of the Alacorns/Alicorns, Unicorns and the Pegasai? Again, Thank you so much! This made my life! Please update it more =) And I have a suggestion, Could you maybe add like a queen or king? If it’s too much, that’s ok. But update this more! Bye! (I will be around here)

  5. Guest-4340507416 says:

    it doesn’t work!!

    Please fix this!! 🙁

  6. Guest-4982510991 says:


    Also can you make them blue too?

  7. Guest-3756568561 says:


  8. Guest-6146127454 says:

    Did you know! zahf22’s pegasus are larger than your pegasus and he is legendary on 1.16 he will update the expansive fantasy. that will add unicorns and alicorns xD

    • Guest-1521228464 says:

      It’s not a contest. It’s sounds like you are saying his is better. So don’t be so rude.

  9. Guest-6942556515 says:

    Can you add some Alicorn and Unicorn armors and rename the alacorn spawn egg into Spawn Alicorn

  10. User-8546174212 says:

    A világ legjobb modja!!!

  11. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    Can you edit golden helmet into princess alacorn crowns and edit golden chestplate to necklace and also edit golden boots intoto horse shoes and make alacorns have large closed wings like Ultimate Unicorn Mod and make a “Velvet Mystical Healer” and make a moonlight alacorn and make a proper sitting position and add “Alea” alacorn and add some unicorn riding girls like “**[Queen Celestia]**” and “**[Queen Luna]**” and make alacorn and unicorns can put armors like horse armor and adult horse sized and sounded pegasus and make the pegasus tame by riding and will put saddle and Please make it their wings soar while flying this pegasus and alacorns like a dragon wings and make it have slow falling and gliding noises like elytra

  12. FlyerXXGamer99 says:

    make alacorns have large wings so when i fly it the wings will opened and when i land it the wing closes

  13. FlyerXXGamer98 says:

    Add knights, pink unicorns, pink alacorns, and adult horse-sized pegasus and make this alacorns and pegasus have a large wings like the mod Ultimate Unicorns

  14. FlyerXXGamer98 says:

    Nice unicorns🐴🐴🐴💟💟💟

  15. FlyerXXGamer98 says:

    Nice addon but you make this alacorns with closed wings

  16. FlyerXXGamer98 says:

    Nice addon. but can you make a texture like Ultimate Unicorn Mod

  17. Alicorn Princess says:

    Alicorns* not alacorns

  18. FlyerXXGamer says:

    Make it just like a Ultimate Unicorn Mod

    • Guest-7810017234 says:

      Can someone please tell me what the link takes you to? I’m afraid to try it. If someone can tell me that would be great!

  19. ILOVEUNICORN says:

    Make all flying horse can fly fast but slow in walk and can you make where flying horse closed their wing when their not flying

  20. Danny says:

    On i think that I have found myself a unicorn how did you get into my house 🤘🏻👍🏻

  21. Anonymous Fox says:

    Can you please make more colours, alicorns the same as Pegasus when flying and the Pegasus immune to fall damage? Otherwise it’s the best mod/Addon I’ve ever come across!

  22. Lunar says:

    This is amazing mod!!!its soo cool I’ve been waiting for a mod like this for a looooooonnnnnnggggg time! Just to make it better could you add a black color of a Pegasus. And too where the alacorns can fly like the Pegasus’s plz! But i know your trying but this is amazing mod!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. DTech says:

    Wow😲! You actually did my idea😃! Thank you very much😁! I will try this out🙂!

  24. Anonymous says:

    Wish you hadn’t stolen my addon 🙁

  25. Princess Roxy says:

    Hey was wondering if you had any other awsome Addons?

  26. Francisco says:

    Please make a My Little Pony Addon.

  27. Anonymous says:

    it is very nice

  28. Jhericka Bagoyo says:

    Will this work for xbox one?

  29. Firas says:

    Oh hey this Addon is hands down AWESOME!!! I’m literally a boy and hate girly stuff like unicorns but i mean this just changed my whole mind of unicorns and Pegasus it’s just that the unicorn is really annoying u can’t lead it and follows you while destroying your hard work please please fix that.

    • mno says:

      Yep, agree with you Firas. They leave a trail of destruction everywhere. Which can be fun (for a few minutes). We might add another variant of them which doesn’t trash anything…. That should solve the problem..?

  30. Sasha Freeston says:

    This addon is amazing but do ya think you could make it so you can tame and ride Pegasus??? That would be so cool!!

    • mno says:

      G’day Sasha, thanks for trying our pack and for your suggestion. If you get the new version (v2) it allows you to steer them around (but not control up or down). So, getting closer. Rolan below has some ideas for the up/down business which we’ll take a look at.

  31. Archer16 says:


  32. Anonymous says:

    You have created some wonderful add-ons. You should be proud. Cep the good work up. Thanks.

  33. Rolan says:

    Please make your flying functionality into Dragon Addon’s: https://mcpedl.com/dragon-zahf22-addon/ flying functionality. ‘Cause it doesn’t do jumping then floating. It flies up when you look up and down to go down. But you should do the command block function and press “Enable Fly”. Maybe you should tell the creator if needed. Here’s his discord: https://discord.gg/KvNVDgu

    • mno says:

      We will definitely check this out, thank you for the suggestion. It sounds like the type of functionality we were hoping (and failing) to implement. Cheers!

  34. Denette Sabundo says:

    I like this addon very much.

  35. Denette Sabundo says:

    I like this addon

  36. Juanchago says:


  37. Willow says:

    It is cute and I love the mechanics, but the textures are.. not attractive. If you need someone to create a better texture I’m your girl.

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