Universal City [Creation]

Universal City is a midsized city consisting of two islands with 9 areas on each. Each area represents specific cities like Los Angeles, Dubai and New York City. It’s an incredible creation with lots of skyscrapers and other amazing builds like apartment complexes, a city hall and an urban park in the central part of one of the islands.

Even if only 33% of the map is completed there are a lot of things to be explored. Shopping malls, an almost complete subway system and hotels just to mention a few.

Creator: Skion


universal10 universal11


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27 Responses

4 / 5 (3 votes)
  1. Anonym says:

    Can you please make a .mcworld download file? Please answer my comment

  2. ZED-X says:

    Please make it mcpack

  3. Pikachu says:

    Make it .mcpack

  4. GodzillaFan917YT says:

    Looks Nice and amazing but I can not download it

  5. Albert Eintstien says:


  6. Anonymous says:

    Can’t even download it

  7. John says:

    Really good

  8. Aedan Gillgren says:

    Why do the best things in life have to be for android…only?

  9. Jettekn says:

    I am new here and i do not know how i download it, there are some who would help me?!

  10. FrontalNick5093 says:

    You guys should make orespawn mod for iOS in a mc.pack

  11. Dr. Jason VanHorn says:

    Thanks Skion! I am using your city as the backdrop for the Minecraft Education Edition lesson I created on Empathy and the Homeless. Thank you for your excellent work. I have credited you in the lesson and in the resources. https://education.minecraft.net/lessons/empathy-homelessness/

  12. Panda Craft BR says:


  13. Rafael says:

    Good for GRIEFING and mods

  14. justin says:

    its a beautiful map but when i go to the bridge the minecraft is not responding

  15. earl says:

    Actually, this map is beautiful you should update it!

  16. ROCKETMAN27 says:

    Do you have to pay

  17. Jose says:

    I wonder how long this took? I want it

  18. Stephen says:

    Minecraft is the best game in the world

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