UniWorld 1.0

Welcome to UniWorld! To the theme park! We have 5 themed lands, within one world. You can have a taste of adventure, a mission to space, dive deep into aquatica, live the horrors, or got to a fantasy town… all in one place!

ewWelcome to UniWorld Version 1.00! We have 5 themed lands-

Adventure Kingdom

The Land of the Future


Horror Kingdom

Castle Kingdom

When nighttime comes we have a short, but sweet fireworks show.

This year we will also do some events!

Easter- 4 th- 16th April Currently Happening!

Summer Party- 1st June- 31st August

SpookFest- 1st- 31st October

Christmas WonderLand- 1st December- 31st December

We also have future development planned!

A UniWorld Zoo

A Uniworld Hotel

UniWorld Shopping District

Land expansions

Many more themed lands

A second theme park gate!s

Each land has themed rides and attractions for you to enjoy.

Ride and land refurbishments will happen when they are necessary and they will be noted in this description!

Enjoy UniWorld!

Changelog View more

New Events Center

Meet the Easter bunny at the new Events Center

Construction begun on District Uni

Resubmitted for exception onto MCPEDL

Enjoy the new Theme park with 5 themed lands!


Simply download the file and open it!


Supported Minecraft versions


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  1. Guest-9049803936 says:

    Hi I really like this map I am going to tell all my friends about it

  2. taoxd003 says:

    Nice theme park. I’m going to play it and I tell you.

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